Monday, September 10, 2012

Phantastic Philly Digs: Hotel Palomar

After our phenomenal brunch at Graffiato, we continued our short road trip to Philadelphia.  Our home for our anniversary night was the Hotel Palomar for a splurge of $141.  Ok, that's not really a splurge, but it was certainly more than what we usually pay with Mr. Monkey's travel ninja ways.
graffiato palomar 102edit
graffiato palomar 104edit 
As you already know, we love most Kimpton hotels and are especially big fans of the Palomar brand.  See, e.g., where we stayed in Phoenix.

Philadelphia's Hotel Palomar did not disappoint.  The service we received from start to finish was wonderful.  And, because it was our anniversary, the hotel upgraded us to quite the large suite.  What a great way to celebrate!
graffiato palomar 079edit
graffiato palomar 080edit
graffiato palomar 088edit
graffiato palomar 089edit
graffiato palomar 083edit
graffiato palomar 084edit
graffiato palomar 093edit
Mr. Monkey has now racked up so many Kimpton points that he is elite enough to have a rider, not unlike his father does at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  (Remember the crazy V8 and papaya overload?)  Now, every time we visit a Kimpton hotel, we are greeted with Red Vines, cashews, beef jerky, premium ginger ale, and water.

I had no say in this rider, as Mr. Monkey often travels alone.  Hmph.  But I do enjoy the ginger ale.


  1. Kick ass room! I love Philly and am excited to see where you two crazy kids eat.

    1. So little time! We played tourist. I bet you can guess. LOL.

  2. omg red vines like aimee mann probly has in her rider? you are so pimpin at the kimpton


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