Saturday, April 10, 2010

Livin' Large at Caesars Palace

We are in Las Vegas again, and this trip has reminded me that I never blogged about our weekend in December, so I'm going to start doing that now. Maybe I'll do both of these Vegas visits back-to-back.

You may have noticed that we are very lucky and rarely pay for our hotels in Vegas. Thanks to Mr. Monkey's high-rolling father, we simply stay for free at the last casino he played. Yay for us.

In December, we returned to Caesars Palace and were very pleased with our enormous room in the Augustus Tower.
fleur de lys 055
fleur de lys 056
fleur de lys 057
fleur de lys 058
fleur de lys 059
fleur de lys 061
fleur de lys 060
Definitely swankier that I ever thought Caesars Palace could be.

I was very amused by the abundance of atypical welcoming treats.
fleur de lys 062
fleur de lys 063
Apparently, my father-in-law really loves V8 and papayas, and this fact is in Caesars Palace's notes.

We're not at Caesars Palace this weekend. You'll have to wait a bit to see our current digs. No V8 or papayas this time.


  1. You are so lucky to have such a high rolling and health-conscious Father In Law! haha.
    Jealous of your Vegas excursions, I need some Vegas in my life STAT, it's been too long. Make it an extra good post so I can live vicariously ;)

  2. Your father in law sounds like a character!

  3. V8 and papayas? Odd, but thoughtful :)

  4. that room looks great. papayas i understand, v8 i don't.

  5. The V8 and papayas keep cracking me up.

  6. Just thinking about how much of a high roller one has to be in order for caesars palace to note your snack preferences. FIL Monkey rocks.

  7. Lucky girl! How very lovely, right down to the v8. :P

  8. i love v8.

    i love freebies even more!

  9. The smell of V8 makes me nauseous. lol Pretty room though... one day when I'm a high roller I'll get sparkling apple cider and Kettle potato chips in my room. :)

  10. Haha. I like that attention to detail. I like papayas and V-8 too. :P

  11. I'm hoping to read that at some point during your December trip you rolled down to Qua and partook for their amazing amenities. I'm having senile brain and can't remember if you did or not. :/

  12. My good friend's parents also get a number of free meals and hotel rooms for their affinity to gambling. Free room at Harrah's for New Year's? Hell yeah I'll take it! But they're definitely not so high roller as to have their food preferences noted in the computers. V8 and papayas. Haha, I love it.

  13. This post reminds me of how selfish I am. If I were the high roller, I wouldn't be sharing my free rooms/papaya/V8 with anyone.

  14. This looks so sterile compared to your TheHotel pics.

    And your father in law has random likes friend!


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