Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Modern Oasis in Phoenix: Hotel Palomar

Because of Mr. Monkey's frequent stays at Kimpton Hotels for work, he is in the vaunted Inner CircleHotel Palomar in Phoenix was perhaps the best Kimpton we've experienced to date.  Every single employee was incredibly friendly and helpful, and the whole place was gorgeous.
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palomar breakfast in bed 001edit
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palomar breakfast in bed 006edit
palomar breakfast in bed 004edit
Hotel Palomar is modern, spacious, and off to a great start.  It has been open for only one month, and I imagine the service will just get better and better.  You can get all this for just $139/night.  Our free room service breakfast was the perfect send-off.  Yay for Mr. Monkey's elite status.


  1. Oooh, I love all the light fixtures. And that room service breakfast doesn't look too bad either - especially since I haven't had breakfast yet today!

    1. I took a lot of photos of decor that I didn't post. I want to copy the style for our house. :)

  2. Hubba, hubba...very swanky with a twist of neoclassical modern, very cool hotel! Always love a rooftop pool! Looks like you most definitely enjoy yourself :)

    Best wishes,


  3. It looks lovely. I wish I was in that rooftop pool right now.

    I enjoyed the shot of the dog bowls and hotel mat w/ paw prints. So cute.

  4. what a cool looking hotel. too bad we have zero reasons to visit phoenix, and even less desire to do so.

    1. There really is no reason to go to Phoenix. LOL.

  5. You had me at the dog biscuits and I started planning when I saw the price! Great hotel!

    My dad used to work on a "detail" in phoenix for two years, only coming home on the weekends so he hated it. But a few years ago, he said he wanted to take us one day to check it out...looks like I might have to get on top of doing it finally!

    1. I looooooove Kimptons. They are so kind to pets! Usually, there's a chalkboard that welcomes your pets with their names!

  6. Gorgeous hotel. I'll check it out next time in Pheonix. Did you get to Pizza Bianco?

    1. No time this trip for Pizzeria Bianco. Well, we had time on Sunday, but it's closed on Sundays. BOOOOO.


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