Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Date Twins

I used to think the term "date twins" was so stupid.

Until I met mine.

I had the good fortune of becoming friendly with several of my date twins. We even went to a Death Cab for Cutie concert together! Amazingly, all these girls were smart, witty, and had excellent taste.

I also happen to think we all had some fabulous weddings! It was fun going through the planning process together. As a procrastinator, I often got "vendor-scooped" by more diligent date twins (*cough* weathergirl99 *cough* ivybride06 *cough*). I remember calling florists and makeup artists and being told they were booked already, only to see them listed as vendors in my date twins' bios!

Well, my procrastination persists. Not only was I the last to send out invitations, I'm quite sure that everyone is done with their thank-you cards except yours truly. Ok. Maybe, there is a small chance that greengelato isn't done either. Make that a very small chance. In any event, it seemed like Maya_G finished all of hers a mere two weeks after her wedding! Impressive!

Check us all out:




Me!WeezerMonkey (me!)

Our other pal, Aug19, hasn't made a bio, but we've seen the pics. And, like Frosted Flakes, they're grrrrreat!

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