Monday, April 9, 2007

Go, Shorty...

It's your birthday. We gonna party like it's your birthday....

Friday, April 6
Dinner with the hubs' family at Traxx. Delicious Waldorf salad. Delightful snapper. Delectable beef medallions. Dynamite pork belly. Dreamy bread pudding.

Saturday, April 7
MustangArrive in Monterey. Get red convertible Mustang. Put top down. Let hair blow on 17 Mile Drive. Check out Pebble Beach. Play par three course across the street and pretend it's Pebble Beach. Let hair blow some more on the way to Carmel. And to Big Sur. Eat yummy seafood. All day. Get slightly sunburned.

Sunday, April 8
Otterly awesomeGo to aquarium. Watch all feedings. Gawk at otters. Gawk at otters some more. Fall in love with otters. Otters rule. Go to spa. Get scrubbed. Get smooth. Get wrapped in hot cocoon. Detoxify. Relax. Fall asleep. Meet the hubs after golf. Stroll about. Eat yummy food. All day. Used sunscreen today. Yay.

Hot MormonMonday, April 9
Skip work! Bwahahahaha! It's my 30th birthday, damn it! More spa. Get facial. Get massage. Go to aquarium again. Two-day pass, yo...and no crowds on a Monday. Chill. Walk. Snack. Walk. Chill. Fly home. Meet friend for dinner, and go see The Killers at Staples Center.

Tuesday, April 10
Muse at The Forum.

Wednesday, April 11
Dodger game.

Friday, April 13
Secret good thing happening.

Saturday, April 14
Big birthday bash with 40+ friends. Woot woot.
Happy birthday to me!

Life is good.

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