Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yo Yo Yo Yogurt

As you may know from one of my earlier blog entries, my latest fave treat is Korean frozen yogurt. I have now tried Red Mango. Opinion? Very good and on par with pinkberry and cé fiore. Red Mango offers a sugar-free option and a non-fat option. If you're feeling adventurous, you can swirl them together, which is what the hubs did (weirdo).

The non-fat tastes like pinkberry's "plain," while the sugar-free tastes like cé fiore's "plain" (as opposed to cé fiore's "sour"). The sugar-free is creamier and has a smoother mouth feel, most likely because of the fat in it, but it has the typical aftertaste associated with all things sugar-free. I liked the non-fat better because it didn't have that aftertaste, and it was more tart. I'm all about the tart.

Red MangoThe Red Mango we tried was part of a California Roll and Sushi Fish located in Los Feliz. It was self-serve, so you can pile as much yogurt and as many toppings as you like, and you can avoid the infamous and disappointing hole-in-the-middle phenomenon that often occurs at the other yogurt places.

Also, unlike the other yogurt places, price is based on weight -- $0.40 per ounce. Thus, if you are a fan of very lightweight toppings (like Fruity Pebbles), you come out a big winner. Fruit? Granola? Not so much. Boo to heavy toppings being more expensive! And boo to no dduk at Red Mango! I want my mochi, damn it!

The price of toppings doesn't really matter much to me anyway. I keep a box of Fruity Pebbles in my car for the sole purpose of pouring it onto Korean frozen yogurt. Ha!

On a somewhat related note, if you visit pinkberry's website, you will now be serenaded by a crazy Asian-pop ditty. I challenge you to listen without singing the insipid lyrics all day long. It really must be heard to be appreciated. I use "appreciated" loosely. It goes something like this:

pinkberry and me, pinkberry....

Sorry, ice cream, I'm dreaming of a different dessert --
pinkberry shaved ice and frozen yogurt! [mmm]
It doesn't feel like I'm cheatin' when I'm eatin' it
'Cause it's healthy. I feel better already.
Tart and sweet, fresh and airy,
Blue- and black-, straw- and raspberry!
Succulent mango, tangy kiwi, or pineapple...top it off!
Swirly and fluffy, exquisite dream!
Sorry, ice cream,
I'm on my way to pinkberry.
pinkberry. [yum]

Sorry, ice cream,
I'm on my way to...


I wonder, "Should I get it plain? Or green tea?"
Doesn't matter to me.
Don't care how long I have to wait.
I like it in the rain. [I like it in the rain]
Or in the wintertime,
Like a burst of sunshine!
Good for my body, good for my mouth,
Good for my mind, good with the family,
Good with a friend, with a lover, or alone.
It's an obsession, pure and delightful,
Simple and heavenly [mmm]
And guilt-free....
Yummy. [yummy]

pinkberry and me, pinkberry
pinkberry and me, pinkberry
pinkberry and me, pinkberry
pinkberry and me, pinkberry


Repeat last two stanzas until fade...

And, yes, I'm lametarded and re-played the jingle to type these lyrics.


  1. actually... the "red mango" inside the california sushi restaurants are imposters. the real red mango is suing them...i talked to red mango president about this.

  2. the downtown long beach pinkberry doesn't have the hole. AND the girl behind the counter spilled so much mochi trying to get it on our yogurts that she gave mr. tater a little container full of it on the side.

    [mr. tater had some waiting for me when i got home yesterday...we ate dessert first. lucky taters!]


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