Monday, April 2, 2007

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Pots and Pans

Having lived together for about five years before getting married, the hubs and I had little to no need for the usual wedding presents, i.e., cookware, bakeware, kitchen appliances, fine china, linens, etc.


To tell you the truth, even if we hadn't lived together for so long, we wouldn't really need these things either, as neither of us gets home early enough to cook. We should just convert our kitchen to something more useful. Like a closet for all my shoes and the hubs' golf clubs and accessories.


Lucky for us, Taiwanese peeps give money stuffed in red envelopes to newlyweds. Cash money, yo! Woot woot! Major props to our non-Asian friends who embraced the Taiwanese tradition!

Of course, we needed to register for *something* for our other non-Asian friends who may not have felt comfortable giving cash. We ended up registering for luggage and a few appliances at Macy's, appliances and random things at Bed Bath & Beyond (best return policy!), and electronics and makeup (yes, makeup!) at Everybody knows about Macy's and BB&B, so I won't use this blog to address them or the other usual suspects like Bloomingdale's, Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, and Pottery Barn.

Now for a little explanation regarding my makeup registry and other places you can register if a new tea kettle is, well, not your cup of tea....

Amazon WeddingRegistering at rocks! Two of our favorite wedding gifts -- a digital camera and an underwater cover for that camera -- were from Amazon. They came in very handy during our honeymoon! We also got great iPod speakers. In my book (and probably in most grooms' books), electronics beat housewares any day.

Amazon is not only excellent for its non-traditional offerings, spanning from electronics to apparel, it is extremely user-friendly. You can tag each of your registry items with levels of desiredness ("nice to have," "like to have," "love to have") and further personalize each requested item with any other notes.

Oh, and about the makeup....Since I didn't want to receive skanky lingerie or kitchen trinkets at my shower, my wonderful bridal party and friends encouraged me to put stuff I liked on our Amazon registry. I added some Nars, Philosophy, Chanel, and Shiseido products, as well as some books, and I tagged them "for bridal shower." Pretty freakin' awesome.

Finally, Amazon is great at keeping track who bought what. The list includes each gift-giver's address, which makes writing thank-you cards a breeze. Be kind to your hubby (or your own geeky self), and register for cool gadgets (and makeup!) on Amazon.

Lowes Flooring and faucets and fixtures, oh my! If you and your hubby have a hankering for home improvement, these are the registries for you. Lowe's and The Home Depot have policies that allow you to return things to any store, accompanied by a receipt or invoice, and provided that the items are in new condition.

REIAre you marrying a mountain man? Or are you a camping chick? Then look no further! Your dream registry is here! The hubby really wanted to register at REI, but I talked him out of it because I hate dirt and sweating, and we would never actually use any of the equipment bought for us. (Don't feel too bad for the hubby, though. He already has a room full of top-of-the-line camping and hiking gear...which gathers more dust every day.) An REI registry would be great for the active couple who camps, hikes, climbs, bikes, skis, snowboards, kayaks....

MorrellA friend of mine who got married in 2005 registered at Morrell Wine, which was particularly fitting, as her nuptials took place at a vineyard! You just pick all the wines you like, and people buy them for you! Neato! Morrell is based in New York City, but it ships nationwide (and even internationally -- for a hefty fee), except for the sad states of Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Utah, which have laws restricting or prohibiting the shipment of wine. Poo on them!

The HoneymoonLastly, many couples are doing honeymoon registries now. Since my pal Nannersp has blogged on the topic, I'll just link you to her thoughts.

Happy registering!

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