Thursday, June 18, 2009

Assignment Five

Ok, so my blog isn't a democracy after all because this is clearly not the winner of the popular vote, but it is what I have ready to post, given that I had to do my photography homework. I figure that posting this in the interim would at least give you something to look at, right?

This week's assignment was to shoot pictures about light. For those of you who voted for Vegas, you get a few glimpses at the beginning of this assignment.
vegas 167
vegas 169
vegas 171
vegas 201
vegas 195
vegas 185
vegas 068
vegas 069
vegas 216
vegas 073
vegas 066
vegas 108
vegas 072
vegas 082
vegas 089
vegas 115
chaya 017
chaya 024
chaya 026
chaya 019
assignment five 001
assignment five 005
assignment five 004
Light is a photographer's paint, or so says our instructor anyway. He says we will all be obsessing over light now. You can see the rest of my assignment here.


  1. Vegas is the perfect place for an assignment on light.

  2. My favorite is the second to the last one :) Very moody.

  3. Good job! The one with the statue that is fondling herself makes me feel funny inside.

  4. SO much better at this size. hehe. ;)

  5. Can you teach me everything you know about taking pictures during the span of a meal? thxbye

  6. Hey! My brother is actually out there.

    ha, ha, ha, I seriously almost cried of sheer joy when I stepped into Bellagio Buffet for the first time like 4 months ago.

    Anyways, thanks for stopping by immediately after posting and dropping a line, means a lot :)

  7. the pears look delicious. how do you manage to make even the mundane look great?!

  8. Can I go to the meal that Insom speaks of? Mkay thanks.

  9. My fave is the one of the flowers against the wall.

  10. I think now I have an idea of how you'd look if you were freakishly tall. Interesting. . .

  11. such beautiful composition. hehehe not sure what that means but i know it sounds good ;)


  12. haven't had a chance to stop by & comment for awhile, but your photography class pics look great!!! i was thinking of taking a class one day you like the one you're going to?

  13. I liked my class! It was VERY VERY basic, but I knew nothing, so I learned a lot. Tonight was our last night.

  14. these are gorgeous. i think my favorite is the first one - the lion.



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