Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Assignment Four

To those of you who were expecting sea creatures in New Orleans per my last post, apologies -- you will have to wait. There has been some clamor for the photo session during which I fell into a hole, skinned my elbow and knee, scratched up my camera, and was asked by a homeless guy, "Are you ok?!"

So here it is. We were told to "experiment with viewpoint, angle, and space."
assignment four 001
assignment four 003
assignment four 009
assignment four 015
Here are my feet above the hole...after I got out and dusted myself off.
assignment four 016
assignment four 018
assignment four 019
assignment four 020
assignment four 021
assignment four 025
assignment four 026
assignment four 027
assignment four 031
assignment four 033
assignment four 034
assignment four 036
assignment four 038
assignment four 045
assignment four 048
assignment four 047
assignment four 054
assignment four 063
assignment four 066
assignment four 069
assignment four 074
assignment four 092
assignment four 077
assignment four 078
assignment four 081
assignment four 093
assignment four 085
assignment four 086
And that was my homework for week four of my photography class. You can see the rest of it here.


  1. 1. i don't see light problems. it's nice! but then what do i know.
    2. so colorful! mine are so dreary yet again.
    3. i see the side of what used to be bloom's. RIP, bloom's.

  2. Oooh very colorful! We should go on photoshoots together when I come back to LA.

  3. I love these! You have some really cool shots!

  4. Really great! Your art was worth the fall.

  5. Hmmmmm you fell into a pit? Is this life imitating art? Should we expect to see you featured in one of BroMo's upcoming episodes?

  6. ack, hope you are ok!

    great photos, however you couldn't pay me to stay at the "american hotel." yikes.

  7. You are totally inspiring me to take a photography class now! Nice work... including falling into a hole. Glad you're not hurt!

  8. Sorry to hear you royally ate it, Rivers. I fall all the time (you should see my knees). In happier news, your Julius shoes are bitchin'!

  9. I'm LOVING all the graffiti shots. So awesome!

  10. These are some of my favorite photos you've ever taken!!! I don't know quite why I'm so smitten by super urban photos. Maybe because I'm a gangsta at heart.

  11. Great photos.

    I once completely fell on a street in downtown SF; a homeless guy came rushing over (with his cart!) to ask if I was okay. I think it's the mark of a true city girl. :)

  12. *sigh* I knew I should have taken that photo class with you guys... :(

  13. Dang it! Your Native American wall mural has a white buffalo. Now The Great White Buffalo song is stuck in my head!!!!!

  14. great stuff! Thanks for telling me about your site.

    jessica (from photography class)

  15. those are great shots!

    i'm amused at the sign in the first one, considering what happened during this shoot.

  16. I want to print some of those out and frame them!

  17. Great photos, I give you an A+!

    BTW, I love the shoes

  18. Hi weezermonkey,

    Awesome pics! (^_^) Some really creative graffiti shots with good color and lighting balance.

  19. Those pictures are great! And that isn't a truly is a pit. WTH...why didn't they cover that up?! Glad you were ok.

  20. wow, super-nice, i'm thinking about taking a class next semester.

    keep it up.

    don't worry about Taste of the Nation, just one of the many food events that take place fairly frequently in lovely L.A.

    see you in the next one for sure :)

  21. Nice kicks. Julius was the answer to one of the questions at our weekly trivia night ( we got first place--BOOSH!

  22. Gorgeous! I really must take this class.

  23. Amazing shots! Love the urban focus.

    What kind of camera are you using? They're so sharp and saturated with color!

  24. I'm sorry, I really shouldn't laugh about you falling into a hole, but when I saw the pic of your PF shoes, I couldn't help it. Hope you're ok. AMAZING photos. Serious. M loves urban photos and graffiti art - I'm going to forward this to him too.

  25. Good stuff! I especially like the photo of the homeless man and the "loading only" sign. Mainly because of your use of DOF.

    I can tell by your shots that you experimented with angles, it looks like you may have done some kneeling and squatting....I hope you get an A!

  26. I loved your pictures from last week. So cool!

    I'm struggling with the assignment for this week. Stupid sun is so not cooperating. :/


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