Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beautiful Bayou

After eating at NOLA and exploring a bit, we headed to the swamp for an airboat adventure. The company's shack was straight out of The Waterboy.
new orleans 001
new orleans 006
new orleans 007
These critters were in a pool in the back of the shack.
new orleans 012
new orleans 010
We waited on the dock for the airboats to come back from their last tour.
new orleans 026
new orleans 029
new orleans 030
These drunk guys were having a bachelor party weekend and happened to be from Los Angeles, too. One dude was the brother of Dodger occasional third baseman and pinch-hitter Mark Loretta. They got their little hats at a gas station. To say the least, they made our boat ride rather amusing.
new orleans 033
new orleans 034
new orleans 036
new orleans 037
new orleans 039
new orleans 043
new orleans 045
new orleans 049
new orleans 059
Our guide tossed marshmallows into the water to attract alligators.
new orleans 072
new orleans 073
new orleans 074
new orleans 078
new orleans 087
new orleans 096
new orleans 097
new orleans 100
new orleans 101
new orleans 108
new orleans 110
new orleans 112
new orleans 113
new orleans 115
new orleans 116
new orleans 118
new orleans 121
new orleans 122
new orleans 124
new orleans 125
new orleans 126
new orleans 128
new orleans 129
new orleans 132
new orleans 135
new orleans 136
See ya later, alligator.

Next: A fabulous five-course dinner at the restaurant of a Top Chef Master.


  1. Woulda never guessed that alligators liked marshmallows! See YOU later, alligator ;-)

  2. My five year old and I are both enthralled by the pictures of the alligator eating the marshmallows. Those are great and weird shots.

  3. Ditto the other two! Marshmallows + Alligators = Pleasant Surprise!

  4. I had no idea about the marshmallows. Funny bachelor party.

  5. This reminds me, I've seen Waterboy far, far too many times.

  6. mmm...marshmallows.

    i like the rope photo the best. figures.

  7. So cool! Slash a little scary. Great photos, as usual :)

  8. I love how the alligator looks so happy after it gets the marshmallow!

  9. how awesome!!! i didn't get a chance to do this when i was in nola a few years back. (went to help with the rebuilding efforts, after katrina). i did make it to cafe du monde. did you make it to mother's? i love their shrimp etouffe. thanks for sharing all your wonderful nola experiences. brings back great memories.

  10. Agh! I would've been so terrified that whole ride!

  11. This totally reminds me of that Simpsons Florida...with the gator...

  12. My hubby is so terrified of alligators. I could probably never get him to ride this. Looks like so much fun, though!

  13. I have taken a similar swamp tour-- how fun!

  14. I love the alligator's post-marshmallow smile.

  15. tater, the "rope photo" is trying to be a "dragonfly photo."


  16. I'm way scared of alligators.

  17. This reminds me of the time my mom took my brother and me to an alligator farm in Orange Couty years ago. We didn't have marshmallows and now I feel cheated, hehe.

  18. Yummmm marshmallows. Terrific photos!

  19. what will americans think of next ;)

  20. did you run into bobby boucher out there??

  21. Those are great pics of the alligators.

  22. You fed alligators marshmallows?! Love it!

  23. For some reason our excursions in the Amazon never freaked me out, but I think that boat ride probably would have. So odd.


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