Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Freshness Cubed

On Saturday, Mama Mo, BroMo, and I sought sustenance and refuge from the hot summer sun at Cube, a great cafe/marketplace/cheese bar on La Brea.
cube 001cube 002
cube 003
cube 035
cube 034
cube 004

Complimentary [overexposed] cheese and pizza crust.
cube 007
cube 008
Deeeeelish way to start!

We ordered a few things to eat family-style. We are a family after all.

Heirloom tomato and peach, Mimmo's burrata, fresh basil, and six-year balsamic ($14).
cube 014
This was the inspiration for the title of this post. Fresh tomato. Fresh peach. Fresh burrata. This incredible trio was the perfect respite from the searing sun outside. I stacked mine like this.
cube 016
Not pretty on my plate, but every bite I took was heavenly. The peach was my favorite part. No, the burrata. No, the peach. No, the burrata. Gah. Can't decide. Just delicious cubed.

Pizza with black truffle, mozzarella, and fried egg ($17).
cube 020
Very enjoyable. Thin, crisp, and bursting with strong truffle flavors. Our server encouraged us to poke the yolk and smear it all around. Good stuff.

Baked four-cheese mac and cheese, charred heirloom tomato, truffle salt ($8).
cube 022
One of the biggest slices of tomato I've ever seen -- bigger than my hand! But, as my piano teacher used to lament, I have pretty small hands. Oh, Mrs. Olsen, I could never please you. But this mac and cheese sure pleased us. Rich and super cheesy and no shortage of flavor here. Just right.

Tuscan kale tortelloni, heirloom tomato brodo, pecorino ($12).
cube 025
This was the loser of the day. Exceedingly salty. We thought it was the sauce at first, but it turned out the filling was the culprit. Too much seasoning here. Sad face. Skip this.

Matagliati, shaved lobster mushrooms, browned butter, red cow parmesan, white truffle oil ($8 for small size).
cube 028
Quite yummy. Simple but well-executed. Texture was near perfection.

Too stuffed for dessert. All smiles after our meal.
cube 029
cube 031
cube 032
Not sure why my brother looks so pensive here. He was probably listening to our mom intently. I like it. And I like Cube, too.


  1. you had me at cheese.

    bromo should add that last one to his file folder for future trade publications.

  2. that peach tomato thing looks so summery. i also had a strict piano teacher. she used to smack my hands with the score and she'd write PAY ATTENTION in caps onto the Blue Danube or whatever it was I was mangling. But one time she bought me a Panda cupcake from a Chinese bakery. I love her!

  3. Can I tuck you in my purse so you can take pictures for me? They look spectacular! You make even the salty tortellini look good.

  4. I have large hands and long fingers and STILL sucked at piano. Sigh. My mama shoulda saved all that money she spent on piano lessons and bought burrata instead.

  5. P.S. I bet my hand is bigger than that tomato. I have man hands, but sadly didn't stick with the piano lessons.

  6. That picture of your brother cracks me up. It looks like he's swooning over someone. Probably not your mom though.

  7. i likey the burrata and peach - nice summer salad. :)

  8. The hubs would be madly in love with this post. He just got back from a visit with his parents and the first thing he did was brag about how many heirloom tomatoes he ate.

  9. Cheese bars are my favorite. I was in heaven looking at that cheese counter.

  10. I love the photo of pensive BroMo, and now this spot is on my list of must try restaurants. :)

  11. man this just makes me want cheese more than ever since i'm not having it this week, haha. i need to check this place out!

  12. Yummy!

    And I have never seen so many smiley photos of BroMo! What a surprise!

  13. This is right up my alley. I fricken love cheese

  14. Did you say cheese bar? I must go there and check this place out.

  15. I am desperately trying not to lick my computer screen.

  16. Sigh. That's no Macaroni Grill I'll bet. PS, I like that BroMo is smiling in more pictures these days. He really is handsome.

  17. I don't know why I got so excited about all the fun different uses of the Heirloom Tomato in this post??? But i did.

  18. Yum! You know what else peach pairs with really well - lobster. No joke! If you ever get a chance to try it some time, please do. I was shocked at how lovely the flavors are together.

  19. Haven't been to Cube during day light hours. Maybe I should, cuz my pix all suck compare to yours... The 4 cheese mac is served during dinner as well. It's a fine fine rendition. And am I the solo male commenter again?

  20. Love pensive BroMo & super cute Mommy Monkey too!

  21. what a fun, colorful place!

    i dig smiley BroMo.


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