Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Speakasy Tuesday at The Park Restaurant of Echo Park

When Mr. and Mrs. sinosoul asked if I could join them and Kung Food Panda at The Park Restaurant of Echo Park for Speakeasy Tuesday, there was only one possible answer.
park 001
I followed this BYOB Blazer Dude and the sign into the restaurant.
park 004
park 006
The place was tiny and dark. We had the one table with some semblance of light.
park 007park 008
sinosoul brought the drinky-drinks.
park 010
On Speakeasy Tuesday, The Park offers three courses for $15. Good deal for tough times.
park 009
But was the food as good as the deal?

Classic chopped salad with lemon vinaigrette.
park 011
sinosoul said it was tangy. It wasn't a resounding endorsement.

Tomato and rice soup.
park 013
This reminded me of Andy Warhol. If you don't get what that means, you're the kind of person who would probably like this soup.

The kitchen was kind enough to let us taste a little of the vegetarian chili.
park 023
I didn't know "vegetarian chili" was "refried beans."

Then there was the buttermilk fried chicken with collard greens and biscuits with gravy.
park 030
park 025
Glorious, no? Golden brown and beautiful. Deceptively so. The chicken was only ok. It wasn't bad in the least, but it didn't knock my socks off. And I wasn't even wearing socks.

That didn't make sense. Whatever. This chicken not being awesome didn't make sense.

The greens, however, were quite lovely. I also enjoyed the biscuit, even though it tasted more muffin-like than biscuit-like. Borderline cake-like even.

Here's dessert. Bread pudding.
park 034
Easily the best food of the night, although I thought it could be sweeter. And, if you know me, you know that I never think things should be sweeter.

So, after all this moderate disappointment, would I go back? Maaaaaybe. Wednesdays are $5 burger nights. $5! For a burger and a side! I'm a sucker for deals, and I think this little place is trying really hard. I'd love to see them improve, and I think they're capable of doing so.

See what Kung Food Panda thought here.


  1. How disappointing! The menu looked so promising.

  2. That is what the restaurant calls its Tuesdays. Why? I don't know.

  3. that doesn't look like bread pudding - booo!

  4. Andy Warhol - hahaha - you are a funny one! Glad you are on Twitter now! :)

  5. After reading Danny's and your review about the speakeasy night, I am glad I declined. I am all for new restaurants in my hood, The Park us about 5 blocks from my abode, however I don't need a restaurant with food worse than what I would cook at home. Not that the food looks bad per se, but I go OUT to take dining to new heights not to simply make do and fill the gap. I can fill the gap with crackers and peanut butter on my couch in my sweatpants.

  6. Too bad it was underwhelming. I did like the $5 burger night -- and I like the vibe of the place in general. I'm trying out the Friday Supper Club this week. We'll see how it goes!

  7. $5 burgers? awesome. that dessert looks delish as did the chicken. hmmm. never trust a pretty plate...

  8. Whoa - that is some cheap food. I could snarf down anything for the right price. (I'm like a backwards food ho)

  9. I'm sad that the food didn't quite live up to the awesome deal. :(

  10. I went to one of their speakseasy dinner on Tuesday before and was quite underwhelmed too. It was so forgettable that I didn't want to blog it. In fact I think what you had looks better than mine!

    -Joan from Potatomato

  11. You win some, you lose some. $5 for a burger is a recession deal I can fall behind. My previous meal at Park wasn't half bad so... SORRY LAH!!!

  12. I'm sad to hear the food is not as good as can be, especially since $15 sounds so dang tempting.

  13. oh eh. love the soup/andy warhol and chicken commentaries.

  14. well, i guess that's another restaurant i never knew i didn't want to try.


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