Monday, September 21, 2009

Sorry, Hikari

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That's when you resort to eating sushi at the Montebello Town Center. Yes, a mall. And not even a good mall. A junky mall.
hikari 002hikari 016
hikari 003
hikari 006
Hikari is only a small step up from food court fare. Well, to be more accurate, it's several steps away from the actual food court on the ground floor of this crap mall.

The saving grace is that the place has a crazy collection of '90s music. Think everything from Bell Biv Devoe to 4 Non Blondes. It's kind of the only reason to come here.

Oh, and there are lunch specials, too.
hikari 004
Thankfully, mall sushi is not terribly expensive.

And you get to listen to Color Me Badd.

Glam got the "sexy roll" with spicy tuna, avocado, and salmon in cucumber ($11.95).
hikari 013
To the heart, tick tock, ya don't stop.

I got some sort of bento box ($9.95).
hikari 008
hikari 011
Yeah, it was that memorable.

I think I might like Hot Dog on a Stick more. Shh. Don't tell Glam.


  1. When I saw the menu I thought, Oooh, Bento Box! Guess not. Dig.

  2. bell biv davoe. three words i haven't heard in an aeon. you crajee girl!

  3. To be fair, I think hot dog on a stick is on the California historic register.

  4. I think I would feel better about lunch if I was listening to Poison, too. ;)

  5. Crappy mall sushi is probably better than the frozen Lean Cuisine I'm eating right now.

  6. I've been here before at my own local junky mall. It wasn't memorable at here either. :P

  7. Why desperate? You running out of places to eat? There's still more pho restaurants along Garvey. :P

    You haven't hit up my fave filet mignon pho restaurants there -- Pho Filet and Pho Huynh.

  8. Desperate for non-Chinese and non-Vietnamese!

  9. If (and I say "if") I ever do karoke, Poison by Bel Biv and Devoe will be my song of choice.

  10. Get ready for Halloween Karaokefest, my friend.

  11. I saw Color Me Badd in concert with Paula Abdul! Wooot!

    The video for I Wanna Sex You Up always made me feel so uncomfortable, especially as a ten year old.

  12. I must be one of the few that would really like this place. I like my sushi roll rice not too mushy, and it looks like that was the case here.

  13. Ah, well then, I suggest the beef empanadas ($1.50) and NY steak sandwich ($4) at Tito's Market on Garvey in El Monte. It's an Argentinean market with an eating area if you want to sit there for lunch. I usually just get it to go. Don't be fooled by the Milanesa sandwich. It's dry.

  14. Oy. Great. Now I have that stupid song stuck in my head. Bento box = yum! Bad bento box = sad :(

  15. after reading insom's comment, i have poison in my head now.

  16. 10yt's comment was so predictable.


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