Friday, September 11, 2009

Meet Me at Magnolia for Merriment


I've been loving the recent restaurant renaissance downtown, particularly the emergence of decent happy hours -- both tastewise and pricewise.
magnolia 016
Downtown now has its own Magnolia, which has been a popular destination on Sunset Boulevard for a number of years. I like walking to this sister location.
magnolia 019
magnolia 048
From 4 to 7 p.m. on weekdays, select beverages cost next to nothing -- beer ($4), wine ($5), cocktails ($7) -- and six different types of appetizers may be had for just $6 each.

I've partaken a couple of times and have not been disappointed. The food won't blow your mind, but it's pleasant enough and relatively easy on the wallet.

Apple martini ($7).
magnolia 022
Drink it like water. Yummy yummy neon green.

Cosmopolitan ($7).
magnolia 033
Drink this like water, too. Hey, it's happy hour. The drinks are sort of weak, so you have to make up for the dilution somehow.

Sweet potato fries ($6).
magnolia 026
Crunchy orange sticks of contentment.

Chicken satay ($6).
magnolia 028
Your typical Asian meat sticks made by and for non-Asian folks.

Bruschetta ($6).
magnolia 031
Needs more cheese, but the spinach is nice.

Fried calamari ($6).
magnolia 038
Needs more seasoning and crunch, but it's fried. Who can complain really?

Hummus and pita ($6).
magnolia 035
The least worthy of your belly space. Serious snoozer. Skip.

Fried goat cheese ($6).
magnolia 027
Easily my fave. Comes with a drizzle of honey. You'll want more than one dish.

Non-happy hour baked macaroni and cheese ($10).
magnolia 041
Tasty crumb top, but it'd be better with a stronger richer cheese. And more cheese in general. A lot more.

Non-happy hour crème brûlée with caramelized bananas ($9).
magnolia 043
A sweet little combination to wrap up your savoryfest.

See how happy we are at happy hour?
magnolia 001
Shout-out to pdx, wan, insomniac, yeah4me, champagna, and starlily pictured above. Extra-special shout-out to my non-pictured legal eaglets, weatherjen and Violet, for our marathon of a bitch session.


  1. class 'til 7 or 10 pm every night this semester means no happy hours for me. :(

    although a few classmates and i are going to try wood spoon before it gets too hectic.

  2. Oh, fried goat cheese. Be still my heart.

  3. I think the fried goat cheese would be my fave too.

  4. The fried goat cheese was my favorite. Next time I'm hoarding a plate for myself.

  5. Hmmm creme brulee with banana. Looks so yummy.

  6. As usual, thanks for the delicious photos! I'm going to have to check this spot out...I'm digging the adult beverage prices.

  7. I'll take the fried goat cheese, too. thanks.

  8. Hi weezermonkey,

    Beautiful pics as always! :) Thanks for the FYI on this place; I had no idea Magnolia opened a sister restaurant in Downtown. The Fried Goat Cheese looks and sounds wonderful. :)

  9. hooray for blogger get togethers!

    I have a question for you. Do you like to cook yourself? And yes, I'm asking this b/c I was hungover and caught up on the Top Chef Marathon and thought of you. xoxo

  10. Magnolia, the original, is our go-to for dinner/drinks before shows at The Pantages. You can park next to the theater and then walk to dinner and back. So lovely.

  11. I haven't been super thrilled with my Magnolia experiences. Pretty blah food for the price. Unless of course it's happy hour price...

  12. cutes! must get some cholas together for a happy hour there soon.

  13. good times! that place was good!

  14. the fried goat cheese was my fave as well. Magnolia's space is just fantabulous, but... I'd only go for the fireplace in the rear and the mint chocolate chip ice cream sammies.

  15. wow this is way prettier than the hllywd one. and yeah, bring on the cheeeeeezzzeee!

  16. I would have loved to be at this meal with you ladies! I'm so happy that I got to go to Magnolia in Hollywood. Like Jonesy said, we ate there and walked to the Pantages. Food was great!

  17. mmm, so good. i never knew i liked goat cheese till magnolia.


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