Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Priceline Paradise in NYC

As many of you know, Mr. Monkey is the king of priceline, and our weekend trip to New York City was yet another one of his conquests.
le parker meridien 003
We stayed at Le Parker Meridien for $119 a night during a holiday weekend.
le parker meridien 001
le parker meridien 002
Our room was simple, modern-retro, and relatively spacious.
le parker meridien 006
le parker meridien 009
le parker meridien 007
I liked this interpretation of "Do Not Disturb."
le parker meridien 014
The bathroom was a tad small but still comfortable.
le parker meridien 012
le parker meridien 015
le parker meridien 011
le parker meridien 016
le parker meridien 019
The Peter Thomas Roth products delighted me.

Le Parker Meridien for $119 was such a steal by NYC standards. It's also a place near and dear to my heart. Five years ago, I spent several months preparing for trial in the New York office of my old firm. I have many fond memories of lunches at both Norma's and the Burger Joint.
le parker meridien 005
jean georges 128
jean georges 130
Great place to stay in the Big Apple. Highly recommend.

Next: Sampling a David Chang eatery.


  1. Wow! Mr. Monkey is the Priceline KING! Such a bargain! Someday i will be in NY again and will actually exit JFK Airport ;o)

  2. The Burger Joint is delicious. Do you get to bypass the line if you stay at the hotel? If so, I think I may need to stay there from now on!

  3. hehe. buuuurger bar. fond memories. drinking a guiness, having a burger... writing on the walls...

  4. Wow!!! That is an amazing deal...and I LOVE the Burger Joint.

  5. I wish I had a Mr. Monkey working for me...

  6. I love the Peter Thomas Roth products :)

  7. When we went last year we came "thisclose" to staying at the Parker Meridien - but we found a cheaper room closer to Central Park so we went that way.

  8. When we finally get around to visiting NYC, this place is high on my list. Even better because it's a Starwood place. :)

  9. Awesome! Love the hotel, the products, and the do not disturb sign! Ideal.

  10. Can Mr. Monkey work his magic for my next weekend getaway? I'll even come to LA :)

  11. What a beautiful hotel. Good job Mr. Monkey!

  12. Mr. Monkey clearly needs to sell his Priceline talents.

  13. What a steal! Love the orange towel and the do not disturb. Can't believe u hv fond memories of trial prep. Weirdo.

  14. Ahem. I have fond memories of food. ;)

  15. Can Mr. Monkey plan our vacation to Seattle during Thanksgiving? Thanks.

  16. I may need to use Mr. Monkey's priceline powers in the future. My NYC are flocking back to Cali!


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