Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Babita-Day

Mr. Monkey and I celebrated his birthday tonight at Babita (1823 San Gabriel Blvd., San Gabriel). From the outside, it looks like a shabby shack.
babita 002
Open the door, however, and warmth and good cheer envelop you.
babita 005
Babita is tiny. The front room seats about 30. It's so cozy and familiar that Chef Roberto Berrelleza himself comes out to tell you about the specials. He is colorful and passionate, and you can taste it in his food.
babita 008
The chips and truly hot salsa were damn tasty and a harbinger of things to come.
babita 011
We started with the fried macho bananas ($7.50) served with cremamex and balsamic reduction. Nummilicious!
babita 013
The soup of the day was a duo of mushroom and creamy carrot with tequila ($7.95). Lovely flavors. I especially liked the carrot.
babita 014
The swordfish special ($26.95) came on a bed of cauliflower puree infused with queso Oaxaca in a lightly fried egg-batter pocket, accompanied by an amazing mole with strong cinnamon notes. Pretty incredible stuff.
babita 017
The chiles en nogada special ($24.95) wowed us even more. It's a chile relleno stuffed with pork, nuts, and fruit, topped with a rich cream sauce and beautiful pomegranate seeds that burst with delectable succulence in your mouth.
babita 018
I'd never had anything like it. Really creative and palate-pleasing. If you have any desire to try this, pay a visit soon -- this special is only available from September to December (i.e., pomegranate season).
babita 021
Even the fresh homemade tortillas impressed us.
babita 019
Mr. Monkey was so pleased with his meal that he voted on his iPhone.
babita 023
We hadn't even gotten Mr. Monkey's free birthday chocolate flan yet!
babita 025
babita 024
The flan was a smooth sweet ending, but it was the savory dishes that really excited us. Unless you're getting the dessert gratis, I advise you to save your tummy for sugar elsewhere.

Four thumbs up for Babita from the Monkeys. The food is interesting, fresh, and delicious, and the service is so personal that you feel like you're visiting relatives. This was definitely one of the best dining experiences I've had in the past few months, if not this whole year.


  1. Please stop eating such delicious makes me jealous and makes me want to ditch Chile and run back to LA!

  2. You had me at the fried bananas. Yummmm. Happy happy birthday, Mr. Monkey!

  3. It looks fabulous! I love chef-driven menus and Mexican food, so this restaurant would be one of my favorites.

    Is Mr.Monkey wearing a Penn State hoodie? I didn't know he was a Big 10 alum. He is such a good looking man!

  4. those tortillas look SICK!

    happy happy to my favorite mr. monkey.

  5. that meal sounds amazing! well, all of it except the flan...I don't do flan.

  6. happy birthday to mr. monkey! i just called erik to the computer to show him the pics of what you ate. we are DEFINITELY going to check this place out soon! xoxo

  7. Happy belated birthday Mr. Monkey! You two certainly celebrated in yummy yummy style!

  8. Everything looks and sounds delish. I want all of it and I want it immediately. Except the flan. Thanks.

    Happy Birthday Mr. Monkey!!!! :)

  9. Yesterday was my birthday too! Shout out to Mr. Monkey. The entire meal looks amazing. (Great pictures too.)

  10. Happy Birthday Mr. Monkey!!!!!

    What app is that?

  11. oh man this place looks amazing, absolutely amazing.

  12. Amazing! I've been meaning to add that place to our lunch list based on an assumption it was a cheap hole in the wall. I had no idea it serves fancy schmancy food!

  13. [brakes screeching]

    chocolate flan?!?

    happy birthday, dear mr. monkey!

  14. have you been to la casita mexicana? i wonder if you like babita more or less?

  15. I've not been to La Casita Mexicana yet, so I have no means of comparison at this point.

    But I'll definitely let everybody know my thoughts when I make it there. :)


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