Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yankee Doodle Dandy Stadium

We bleed Dodger blue, but we enjoy visiting other stadiums. Armed with my trusty little pink point-and-shoot, we hopped on the 4 train to my birth borough.
yankees 038
yankees 001
yankees 002
yankees 009
yankees 005
yankees 007
Mother-effing magnificent, this modern monstrosity.

The new Yankee Stadium is the most technologically advanced ballpark we've visited to date. The scoreboard is amazing -- so crystal-clear even when we viewed it from our cheap seats directly below.
yankees 013
It was still drizzling a bit that evening.

But the rain delay gave us ample time to grab some grub without missing any action.
yankees 006
yankees 010
yankees 011yankees 012
yankees 014yankees 023
yankees 021yankees 022
yankees 020
Sadly, while the scoreboard was the best scoreboard we'd ever seen, the food was the worst -- worse than the food of the Dodgers, Angels, Padres, Giants, Mariners, and Red Sox. Shame on you, Yankees! Word on the street is that Shea Stadium has better chow.

The game was fun, though. For some reason, almost every time we travel to a rival ballpark, the Mariners are playing the home team. I was thrilled to see my darling Ichiro kick ass and take names.
yankees 029
yankees 025
yankees 028
yankees 032yankees 033
yankees 026
Mariners 8, Yankees 4. Too bad more teams didn't do this to Yankees during the season.

For the record, I don't like the Phillies either. I wanted a freeway series, damn it!

Next: Mr. Monkey dons a suit for fine fish.


  1. Umm, the only baseball game I went to was the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes because O-town performed at the break. *Ducking head.*

    I know it's not half-time, dunno what it's called in baseball. This was about a decade ago. Heh. And it was the third inning before I realized they were actually playing a game. I kept thinking they were still warming up.

    Shh. I bought the O-town CD. SSSSHHHHH!!!! I also have the LMNT CD, made of ex-O-town members Bryan Chan and Ikaika. SSSHHHH. :P

  2. We went to Yankee stadium this year as well. I loved the stadium. I hated the food. I had a $10 hot dog and was not impressed. We're planning a trip to see the Mets next year and hope for better food.

  3. boo that the food sucked. surprising, no? i'm excited to see where you guys go when mr. monkey has to wear a suit...i have few sneaking suspicions...

  4. You're more of a New Yorker than I am if that's your birth borough. When I tell people I'm from New York they tell me "upstate isn't really New York."

  5. I actually kind of like the chicken tenders from Johnny Rockets. (I think those are where those bad boys in your picture are from?) It's a guilty pleasure.

  6. Your teaser is killing me. If it is what I think it is, I can't wait!

  7. Dodger stadium could totally use a scoreboard upgrade. I was there a few weeks ago for the playoffs and I couldn't see the score all game along. Nose bleed city is a sad place to be.

  8. I can't say that I am sad the Yankees have sucky food. They need to suck at something! ;o)

  9. 1. I hate the Yankees.
    2. I'd try to go to a game at the stadium, but the prices seem absolutely insane. But I guess Steinbrenner needs to make back some of the outrageous sum he pays in salaries/the corresponding luxury tax since the payroll is so high.
    3. <3 Mariners <3

  10. The only thing I like about the Yankees is Pettite. Yessss. How excited am I that they give calorie info at the food stop? But none for the beer battered onion rings? I would have loved those. H loves Ichiro too. I could care less about baseball but I'm all about the cool pictures.

  11. I'm chuckling at the calorie count!

  12. Calorie count on ballpark food? Lame-o.

  13. But the dogs are hebrew national! how can dodger dogs be better?! and you're a yank? this explains much. yes it does.

    that ichurro character resembles a very cute chimp. is he part of the extended weezer monkey family tree? hook me up w/ some tickets! hehe.

  14. I'm so sad that the food wasn't better! That's a large part of the reason to even go to a game... well, at least in my world it is. :P

    Speaking of ballgame food, we love how tasty Lakers game food is, but are now so spoiled that the food at any other concert/sports event really pales in comparison. :/

  15. Ditto Amber, the main reason I go to a game would be the food.


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