Sunday, December 21, 2008

Creperie Reverie

Golf Girl and Golf Boy were in town from Chicago for a wedding this weekend, so we met them and their friend Mr. Workout for brunch on Saturday at Creperie by Jack 'n' Jill's of Beverly Hills (which is in Hollywood, despite the moniker).
creperie 001
creperie 020
French-pressed coffee ($3.50).
creperie 006
Peach lemonade ($3.95). Seriously delicious.
creperie 007
Fresh-squeezed orange juice ($3.50).
creperie 008
Mr. Monkey ordered the The Quarter ($11.50), stuffed with andouille sausage, cheese, shrimp, and chicken breast in a rich jambalaya sauce. Spicy and super flavorful. Definitely awakens the tastebuds!
creperie 010
I chose The Choudrant ($11.50), steeped with chicken, pancetta, garlic, pesto, cheese, and sherry cream sauce. So rich. So good.
creperie 012
Each lunch crepe comes with a garden salad.
creperie 014
The five of us shared two sweet crepes a la mode for dessert.

The Clare ($7.95) was filled with nutella, strawberry, and banana.
creperie 016
The German Chocolate ($7.50) had fudge brownie pieces, caramel, coconut, and chocolate sauce.
creperie 019
We really enjoyed our meal. The consistency of both the savory crepes (which were buckwheat) and the sweet crepes was great -- no gumminess!


  1. you and I must be the biggest fans of lemonade.

  2. you always seem to order exactly what i would order! ;-) yum yum! i heart jack & jill's in bh and need to try this spot!

  3. Fantastic review and I love the photos! I'm honored, I can actually say, "I was there ..." when I refer to your blog. ;)

    I'm going to leave my mark on Yelp as well ... let's do it again soon! Tell Mr Monkey I said hello!

  4. I was at The Creperie on Saturday!

    great minds... =)

  5. Great photos-- I am almost drooling

  6. I hope you all talked 'inner monologue style' at this place since it looked like something that would appear on The Hills :-P

  7. I've been wanting to try this place out. Mr. Cee loves crepes so that's where we'll be going for brunch this wkend.

  8. Ooooh...peach lemonade sounds gooood! So do your crepes. Must try sometime.

  9. For real, when I get some money together I am coming to California and we are going to eat our way through the state. Deal?

  10. I'm glad to see those look like real french crepes, BUT those are not real french fillings. ;)

  11. Nutella crepe would be my last meal :)

  12. i love crepes so much. too bad the hub doesn't share my affection. "waste of a meal," he says.

    poo on him.

  13. Yum. This sounds better than the LBC crepe place! Must try someday.

  14. i bought mr. d a french press for xmas. we shall see how it goes. hopefully it will start keeping him up past 10.


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