Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drooling Over The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is kind of awe-inspiring.
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vegas 047vegas 048
vegas 074vegas 089
vegas 076vegas 077
The decor makes me drool.

I want to eat at this hotel.
vegas 063
vegas 062vegas 065
vegas 066vegas 069
vegas 070
vegas 067
vegas 068
vegas 084
vegas 085vegas 086
vegas 088
The restaurants make me drool.

I want Mr. Monkey's father to play at this hotel. I want to stay here. Droooooool.


  1. I am actually a regular reader who just got back from Vegas and was hoping you'd review some of these places before I went :) I didn't stay here but I did eat at Holsteins (good sliders, meh duck fat fries, good philly cheesesteak spring rolls), DOCG (awesome spaghetti with braised duck and black truffles) and sampled a bunch of things at China Poblano (don't remember specifics but it was all delicious!)

  2. there's a jose andres restaurant at this hotel? tell mr. monkey's dad to get on that!

  3. Nellie: Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm so happy to hear that the restaurants have some good offerings. I'm jealous you got to sample them! :)

  4. I got $150 to do a focus group about this hotel in Sept or so. They were showing us the print/tv campaign and wanted our feedback on it. I was definitely intrigued by the hotel and plan to check it out for myself next time I go to Vegas. Nice to see your pics - it looks like they've delivered on what they were promising.

  5. this place looks awesome. d and i are vegas whores...we will definitely be checking this place out.

  6. i wanted to go/visit when we were there. did not make it. sad face.

  7. I really need to go to Vegas soon. This hotel looks so inspiring. Love the bubble ceiling decor.

  8. I gotta check this place out next week!


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