Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Worth Two Trips in a Weekend: Burger Bar

We were sad to go back to work after such a fun Christmas weekend in Las Vegas, but, in just five days, we were back! We stayed at THEhotel during New Year's weekend in a free room like this. Mr. Monkey's father played at Mandalay Bay, so that's where we ate all of our meals.

For free again. Yay for us!

Burger Bar is brought to you by Michelin star-earning, James Beard Award-winning, Top Chef Masters finalist, awesome DJ, and all-around cool dude, Hubert Keller.
burger bar 003burger bar 009
burger bar 012burger bar 013
Big burgers, TVs everywhere, and Keller quality? How could this not be a winner?

Beer-battered jalapeƱo pickles ($5).
burger bar 018
Mr. Monkey loved these so much. I only ate one because I'm not much of a pickle fan, but, if you are, Mr. Monkey says you should get these.

Peppercorn burger -- NatureSource beef, fresh and dried peppercorn, and Dijon mustard served on a plain bun with peppercorn cream sauce on the side ($15.80).
burger bar 019
burger bar 021
Mr. Monkey raved about this, too. I enjoyed a good portion of it myself.

Hubert Keller burger -- buffalo, caramelized onions, baby spinach, and bleu cheese on a ciabatta bun ($20.25).
burger bar 024
I preferred my burger over my husband's. I liked the feel and heartiness of the buffalo. I liked the sweetness of the onions. I liked the creaminess and sharpness of the bleu. Damn. I want to eat another one now.

Nutella milkshake -- chocolate ice cream, Nutella, chocolate sauce, and chocolate whipped cream ($8.75).
burger bar 015
This made Mr. Monkey very happy. It was gigantic.

We were so delighted with our New Year's Eve lunch that, after a show on New Year's Day, we returned for a late-night snack.

Burger Bar sliders -- buffalo with caramelized onions, Angus with plain bacon, NatureSource beef with American cheese all served on plain buns ($13.25).
burger bar 007
burger bar 008
We asked for onion rings instead of fries. This order was the ideal size for us that night. Sinful little tastes in Sin City. Nice way to sample three different burgers.

Trio of sundaes -- (1) coffee ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream, Oreo crumbles; (2) strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberry slices, whipped cream, graham cracker crumbles; and (3) chocolate ice cream, miniature marshmallows, chocolate whipped cream, Oreo crumbles ($9.95).
burger bar 010
These reminded me of tiny flower pots! As tasty as they were cute.

Burger Bar is a tad expensive for burgers, but I think everything we had was worth the premium price. We'd gladly pay for Burger Bar ourselves if we didn't have the luxury of the comp.


  1. I really liked the Burger Bar when we went in December. Those onion rings were awesome!

  2. aight, on my vegas notes when i make a trek out there again.

  3. Next time you got to Vegas can you squeeze me in your suitcase? I fold up real nice.

  4. omgggg i just drooled! why couldn't i have been here before the new year?? this place is total DIET FAIL for me!

  5. Oh wow, those burgers look amazing. And that Nutella shake? OMG. Looks so good.

  6. I am sad I did not eat here when I was in Vegas last week. Oh I know!

  7. OMG that nutella milkshake is now my holy grail

  8. P.S. When are you posting the interesting Laxy Ox experience? I'm waaaaaaiting! ;)

  9. Everything looks amazing, but that shake looks particularly OUT OF THIS WORLD.

  10. nutella shake? OMG, I think I just died and went to food heaven.

  11. My eyes got hungry and now my stomach is hungry. I'm with Mr. Monkey, deep fried pickles rock! :)

  12. I don't even like burgers but this post makes me want to go to one of the fancy burger places tonight.

  13. Burger Bar is one place I need to try!


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