Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Second Time's the Charm: Shanghai Restaurant

I didn't even remember that I'd already been to Shanghai Restaurant (140 W. Valley Blvd., #211, San Gabriel) until I indexed this entry.
shanghai restaurant 023
shanghai restaurant 018
The place must've been remodeled since my previous visit.

The hilarious thing is that we ordered some of the same things, including a dish I didn't like the last time I ate here. Why don't I read my own blog?!
shanghai restaurant 007

shanghai restaurant 005
shanghai restaurant 013

shanghai restaurant 012shanghai restaurant 015
shanghai restaurant 016shanghai restaurant 017
shanghai restaurant 019
I am too lazy to label all the photos, so you can just take a look at the itemized receipt and ignore the to-go items not pictured.

I thought both the food and ambiance were better this time. The sheng jian bao (Shanghai pork buns) were quite spectacular. Thumbs up for those golden brown goodies. I'd return for those.


  1. I recently went back myself. The place definitely had a makeover, though the prices were slightly higher this time around (no surprise). While I liked the place, I think there are a few places that are better and cheaper on Garvey.

  2. Well you do write your blog, do you can't really be expected to read it too!

  3. A sure sign you eat out too often if you can't remember going there or what your likes/dislikes are!

  4. Thumbs up for the total at the end of the receipt. We don't see numbers like that on the Westside very often.

  5. oh em gi they've got KANGKONG!!!!! AAAAHHH!!!

  6. Wow! You must eat out A LOT! Can't believe you forgot you already ate here ;-) LOL!

  7. I love steamed buns. It's one of my favorite Chinese dishes.


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