Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dining Solo at Payard

I don't like eating alone. For me, eating is a very social experience. Food is not simply something I ingest for nourishment. It's a component of culinary conversation. I like to eat and talk and talk about eating.

After I had a glorious free facial at Qua, I sought a light lunch at my beloved Payard, which, as I've noted before, is an excellent place to brunch. Mr. Monkey was still playing golf, so I intended to do a grab-and-go from the counter and nosh upstairs in my room. But, as I exited the restaurant, a small table opened up.

I sat down. And I ate alone.

Eating alone in Vegas is pretty fun. It's not quiet. It's not slow. Slot machines whir and ding and clank. Drunk people slur and sing and stank.

And, yes, I know that should be "stink," but "stink" doesn't rhyme with "clank." Give me a little creative liberty here.

Needless to say, sitting and munching and watching the Vegas world go by was entertaining.
caesars 001
For $15.15 (which was ultimately comped by the hotel), I had a simple ham, egg, and cheese buckwheat crepe, mixed greens, and cafe au lait.

For completely free, I had a slice of The Middle America Meets Outrageous Decadence Show.

Both were rather satisfying.


  1. people watching in vegas with a savory crepe after a is goot for the monkey!

  2. Hilarious. Glad you had a good time solo.

  3. Free facial, followed by a free meal? You live a grand life, my friend.

  4. Tell me, Weez... How much do I need to gamble away to start getting comps like these?!? Damn!

    Long live LV!

  5. You never dine alone in Vegas!

  6. Im digging that buckwheat crepe of yours. Room for another?

  7. I'm okay eating alone because I love people watching. I don't like going to movies alone though.

  8. nice last line. totally sums up vegas.

  9. That sounds like such a lovely afternoon.


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