Monday, April 18, 2011

Fast, Casual, Yet So Very French: La Bretagne Creperie

If you want a tasty, quick, no-frills lunch during your Vancouver sightseeing, head to La Bretagne Creperie (795 Jervis Street, Vancouver).
vancouver 035
vancouver 051
All crepes are made to order. For each savory crepe on the menu, you have your choice of a crepe froment (organic white flour) or galette sarazin (organic buckwheat flour). We opted for the galettes.

French onion soup (CAN $6.25).
vancouver 048
Excellent version of this classic comfort food. Highly recommend.

Apple, cinnamon, Swiss cheese crepe (CAN $6.95). Add sausages (CAN $2.75).
vancouver 052
Because we knew we were going to skip dessert, we got one of the sweeter savory crepes. Paired with the sausages, this felt like a decadent late breakfast. The galette was thin and delicate but strong enough to hold the generous contents. No sogginess here!

Salardaise crepe -- duck confit, onion, potato, white wine sauce (CAN $13.20).
vancouver 055
vancouver 056
While this photo may look unappetizing to many, this makes me say yum, yum, yum. The rich duck confit was such a luscious treat in the middle of the day.

I wouldn't say La Bretagne Creperie is a destination restaurant, but it is certainly worth a stop if you're in the area. We left quite happy.


  1. that all looks good to me too! man, haven't been to vancouver in over 10 years, but i had the most amazing crepes in toronto.

  2. I'll take two of each, please.

  3. Hmmmmm I want that duck! Love the Vancouver blogging sessions you got going on!

  4. Whoa - that looks so filling! I would have had to sleep after all of that.

  5. now those look like real french crepes!

  6. looks so much better than the crepes we have shared in the lbc.


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