Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Outstanding Plan B: Rangoli

Everybody knows that you're supposed to go to Vij's when you're in Vancouver.

But that's the problem. Everybody knows this. Vij's doesn't take reservations, so everybody shows up right when the doors open at 5:30. See?
vancouver 087
Sadly, we missed admission by just two parties. Damn it. We are resourceful monkeys, though. We knew this might happen, and we were prepared with a backup plan.

Once we were denied entrance, we literally ran next door to Rangoli, the casual sister restaurant to Vij's.
vancouver 118vancouver 117
vancouver 115vancouver 090
vancouver 097vancouver 091
vancouver 116
If you don't make it into Vij's, run -- don't walk -- to Rangoli (not just because Rangoli is awesome but because all the other Vij's rejects will be doing the same)! Order a mango pineapple lassi (CAN $4.50) and a ginger lemon drink (CAN $4.00), and be happy that your Plan B is in effect!

Naan. Beautiful naan.
vancouver 101
Almost fluffy in texture -- something I've never experienced in my naan consumption! Fantastic!

Lamb, beef, and lentil kebabs with date-tamarind chutney (CAN $8.75).
vancouver 099
A perfectly charred, meaty, juicy way to start! Made us happy that we ran!

Lamb in cumin and light cream curry with salad, rice, and naan (CAN $14.50).
vancouver 104
Tender, mild, and smooth. Delicious.

Goat meat and jackfruit curry with coconut cabbage salad, rice, and naan (CAN $15.50).
vancouver 105
vancouver 108
Not gamy at all! Like Indian birria! Win!

Rice pudding with almonds and cardamom (CAN $5.50).
vancouver 113
A very nice and refreshing kheer. Just sweet enough.

Meeti roti -- custard on chapati filled with demerara sugar and cashews (CAN $5.50).
vancouver 109
Interesting dessert that we'd never had before. The lovechild of flatbread and baklava!

We were sad not to have tasted the wonders of Vij's, but we were so pleased with our meal at Rangoli. Our wallets were pleased, too.


  1. YUM! I would love to sink my teeth into that fluffy nan and that goat meat. I need to take a trip to Vancouver soon... running. An outstanding Plan B indeed.

  2. Oh I want to try that meeti roti, I wonder if anyone in LA serves it.

    I was being stupid when I started reading this post and saw the CAN prices for the mango lassi (the lassi came out of a can?) - but this was Vancouver, duh!

  3. Everything looks delicious!! I love good, fresh naan.

  4. Ugh I hate places that don't take reservations. I don't wait in lines.

  5. We didn't make it to Vij either, or Rangoli

  6. Oh man I've been craving Indian food for weeks and this is not helping me. All of it looks so good!

  7. My mouth is watering. Part of this is because all I've eaten so far today is a bagel and some almonds.

    But the other part is because everything looks delicious.

  8. Even though I don't eat Indian food, these dishes look pretty darn good!

  9. i HAVE to try that roti. i've had thai and malay versions, but not indian. mmm.

  10. the wans are not indian food fans, sadly.


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