Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Vancouver Aquarium: Steller Sea Lion Encounter

The Steller Sea Lion Encounter was the second of four animal encounters we enjoyed at the Vancouver Aquarium. Again, we began with an educational briefing, followed by food preparations.
vancouver 125
vancouver 114
vancouver 116
vancouver 117
vancouver 119
vancouver 121
Then we got to feed and interact with the sea lions.
vancouver 126
vancouver 129
vancouver 136
vancouver 140
vancouver 151
vancouver 153
vancouver 169
vancouver 159
vancouver 166
vancouver 172
vancouver 175
vancouver 181
These sea lions went crazy for fish. We went crazy for sea lions.

We went so crazy that we vowed to return for more animal encounters. This was the end of our first weekend in Vancouver, but it wasn't long before we went back.


  1. lol at kenpen
    Doggy insom kind of look like a sea lion cause he has whiskers all over his face

  2. I'm not going to lie, I love sea lions from a distance, but I'm a little afraid of them when they get close. The mister surfs with them and says they're friendly, but I see those teeth.

  3. This is now a must visit place for the bumblebees! I can't imagine how cool it would be to pet a sea lion and feed them from your hand!

  4. so jealous of your animal encounters! can't wait to see encounters 3 & 4! :)

  5. btw, i went there a few years back for an investigator meeting & they closed it down for our private event. it was pretty awesome strolling around, munching on delicious food & then a fantastic dinner right next to the beluga whale tank.

    such a spectacular place!

  6. Once again you make me jealous...I guess I will go cuddle my nearly sea-lion dog, Mr.Jiggles...he is big and round like a sea lion at least.


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