Thursday, August 4, 2011

Darling Denver Diner: Steuben's Food Service

While Mr. Monkey hung out with his friend, I met Lou and kenpen for Sunday brunch at Steuben's Food Service, a diner with a 1950s feel.
steubens 033
steubens 031steubens 028
steubens 027steubens 024
The place is adorable and simultaneously retro and modern.

I started off with a latte ($4).
steubens 005
It was giant and perfect for that chilly day.

We shared a side of sugar-rolled hush puppies ($2).
steubens 007
If donutholes were hot and made of corn, this is what they'd be! Nice sweet start!

kenpen got the crab cake benny ($16).
steubens 011
The crab cakes were thinner and more amoeba-shaped than your usual perfectly cylindrical crab cakes. The bite I had was quite good.

Lou dined on chicken and waffles ($14).
steubens 014
Very nice version of a classic. Chicken was crisp and juicy. Waffles had good fluff.

I ordered the Steuben's skillet ($10).
steubens 017
The potatoes, man! The potatoes! Fried and salty and steeped with onions and peppers and blanketed with cheese and two fried eggs! Happy!

Cupcakes ($3 each).
steubens 020
steubens 022
We got these to-go. My vanilla cupcake was light and moist.

Lou is shy, but kenpen and I aren't!
steubens 035
Steuben's Food Service is a fun place to get together for all-American fare that will please all palates.

This concludes our weekend in Denver. Far too short! Denver was a delicious destination. We really enjoyed all of our meals and look forward to returning for further culinary exploration.


  1. "Waffles had good fluff."

    LOL love that line. I think when any food is described as fluffy, it must be be fantastic.

    Glad you had fun in Denver! My friends that went said it was really easy to get drunk super fast cause of the high elevation ...

    P.S. Changed name of my blog - sorry for you to change the link on it! ... I discovered the hidden whimsy in my last name =)

  2. Those crabcakes are very hashbrownian.


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