Monday, August 8, 2011

Mass Appeal: Sotto

How much deliciousness can one building handle? 9575 West Pico Boulevard houses both Picca and Sotto! This may currently be one of the tastiest locations in Los Angeles!
Sotto is Picca's Italian neighbor downstairs. 9575 West Pico Boulevard is a multicultural building! I visited with my pals, weatherjen and Totally Lawesome. We are multicultural, too! Ha! It was so wonderful to get together one last time before TL headed back to the East Coast.

Sotto is extremely dark, but I managed to find one small sliver of light for my photos.

I asked for a bespoke cocktail that featured Fever Tree ginger beer. Yes, I know you're supposed to pick your alcohol, and let the mixologist work with that. What can I say? I love Fever Tree ginger beer!
Our server brought me an exquisite Gin Gin Mule, which made me very happy.

Grilled pork meatballs -- lemon leaves, snap peas, pecorino, bitter greens ($10).
Juicy, smoky, packed with flavor. One for each of us! Perfect!

Campagnola -- sunchokes, fennel, mozzarella, marjoram, house-cured lardo ($16).
Lardo! It's all about the lardo! Lardo is cured fatback. I'm bringing fatty back. Yeah!

Toasted grain capunti -- ragu bianco, chanterelles, rapini greens ($15).
Wheaty and substantial. This was no flimsy pasta. It had heft.

Beef brisket alla Genovese -- onions, ozette potatoes, parsley ($23).
Loved loved loved this tender, succulent cut. This was easily the Mary Katherine Gallagher of the night. If you don't know what that means, you should watch more TV.

Sheep’s milk yogurt panna cotta, thyme, honey, almond amaretti ($7).
Divine sweet creamy tartness in a jar. I wanted to lick it clean.

Bittersweet chocolate crostata, hazelnuts, salted rosemary caramel ($8).
I only had a small bite for fear of hives, but it was supremely rich and dark and well-paired with its salty accoutrements.

Sotto satisfies both adventurous and unadventurous eaters. Rest assured your whole table will leave full and content.


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to try this place - the food looks tasty!

  2. one of the more thoughtful wine lists in town as well.

  3. Great food ... even better company! Loved seeing you!


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