Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stunning Secret Supper: Wolvesmouth

Last Wednesday night, 11 lucky diners and I converged at a secret location to enjoy this month's installment of Wolvesmouth. Submit your e-mail to a mysterious mailing list. Cross your fingers that you get picked. Receive an address that you're asked not to share with anyone. Feel special. Gorge.

For detailed information on how to score a spot at this highly sought-after table, go to the Wolvesden website.

I see that some of you are still confused. Let me break it down for you.

It's a dinner party with strangers! With 10 to 15 courses of beautiful food that will totally wow you! At a private residence! At the end of your meal, you're given an envelope to leave an amount that you feel your meal was worth.
wolvesden 002wolvesden 006
wolvesden 005wolvesden 051
wolvesden 009
Who is the man cooking in the den? The Wolf is Craig Thornton -- professional chef, modern food artist, and all-around badass.

Pan-fried brioche.
wolvesden 016
When your bread is this good, you have high expectations for the rest of your meal.

Corn soup, cotija, aleppo gelee, lime, corn fritter.
wolvesden 019
I love corn. I love cheese. I love fritters. I love a little kick. This was a bowl of love!

Peach, nectarine, chorizo piquillo puree, almond, Basque cheese, chorizo, sherry gastrique.
wolvesden 021
I hate having to fight other people to get bits and pieces of charcuterie, fruit, and nuts on a communal platter. There is no fighting at Wolvesden. You get your own!

Smelt, fried green tomato, buttermilk ranch.
wolvesden 029
A little taste of the South fancified! Mine was gone in a flash!

Squash blossoms, Marscapone zucchini duxelles, melon, baby squash, balsamic.
wolvesden 031
It was like this bowl was freshly picked from a garden...and then stuffed with cheese!

Tuna, tomato, basil buds, uliva olive oil, wasabi peas, white soy.
wolvesden 038
More garden freshness paired with freshness from the sea. The tuna was a cool taste of fabulousness.

Lobster, potato, chive, crème fraîche.
wolvesden 047
My favorite dish of the night! The potato was so special -- smoother, thinner, yet creamier and more buttery than mashed potatoes! And generous chunks of lobster lurked inside!

Pork cheek, baby cabbage, caramelized onion, dill, pretzel, mustard.
wolvesden 052
So tender, so delicate, and so flavorful!

Cucumber slush.
wolvesden 058
Behold! Bright green palate cleanser!

Lamb, Turkish eggplant, watermelon cucumber, watermelon tartare, yogurt, rosemary.
wolvesden 065
It's food masquerading as art! Cucumbers pretending to be teeny-tiny watermelons! Watermelons sneaking around as pickled peppers! Tricky, tricky!

Mulberry, elderberry, fig, salted brown "butta la creme," croquant.
wolvesden 069
My second-favorite dish of the night! Who knew that something buttery, tart, sweet, creamy, and crunchy could be so good? The textures, the flavors, everything -- super!

Cherry sherbet, almond cake, cherry pop rocks, almond cream.
wolvesden 071
Just enough pucker. Just enough crumbly sweetness. Quite lovely.

I feel so fortunate to have attended this dinner. Shout-out to Chou Down for being my date for the night and to Kung Food Panda, The Roaming Belly, @LIMER35, and @theReAlexHaas for being fun dining companions at our end of the table.

Thank you so much, @wolvesmouth and @dimsumpup, for the incredible experience.


  1. fun! i may need to sign up. beautiful plates; beautiful photos.

  2. Yay to a fun meal! Let's eat more often WM! :))

  3. Yes! Let's dine more often at Wolvesmouth. A certain little pup told me that 14 dinners will be offered soon. This was a fantastic dinner and your pictures were beautiful.

  4. What a beautiful suite of dishes! You eatin' good, Weez!

  5. Thanks for making me your date - and I didn't even have to put out at the end of the night!

    Haha but it was an amazing experience and I'm glad I was able to meet so many other people. I saw the tweet about 14 other dinners too ... we need to raffle, get our family to raffle for us, and create fake email accounts to raffle some more! You know, the way some people create fake Facebook accounts to play Mafia Wars ... j/k

  6. You got some great photos here. I never tire of reading about these WM meals cuz every one is different!

  7. it was so tasty wasn't it? great seeing you again!

  8. The pork cheek sounds awesome. =)

  9. It was fun meeting you there, Weezer Monkey! And let's not forget that inside the stuffed squash blossom was a cucumber/onion mix--plus, the vinegar featured later on was (I think) an aged 15 years Balsamic!

    Other than that thanks so much for laying it all out and providing a living memory to the night. My only complaint was that our side of the table never got to merge conversations w/yours. I think that's maybe b/c one young handsome USC Grad Student sitting in the middle totally overwhelmed us all w/his voice's booming decible level! Ouch!!!

  10. O man, yet another thing to add to my ever-growing must-eat list! Looks amazing.


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