Saturday, August 23, 2008

Farm and Milk the Hollywood Way

Friday night involved a farm and milk.

But this is Los Angeles, so banish the thought of hay and cows.

We had dinner at The Farm of Beverly Hills with Golf Girl, who was visiting from Chicago.
farm milk 003farm 005
Golf Girl is a family friend of Mr. Monkey. I think she is extraordinary. Several years ago, Golf Girl left her consultant career at a huge global firm to launch her own golf magazine. She was in Los Angeles for a golf tournament she organized and in which Mr. Monkey played. Needless to say, she and Mr. Monkey have a lot in common, and I think she is pretty much the coolest girl ever for following her creative passion.

We shared a tuna sashimi tower ($12.75) comprised of ahi tuna, avocado, sprouts, and cucumbers layered between crisp wontons with miso honey mustard and wasabi sauces. The tuna was fresh and luscious.
farm 006
Golf Girl ordered the Asian beef salad ($16.75) -- chilled Asian marinated farm steak, baby greens, shaved Napa cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, soy beans, noodles, crispy wontons, and sesame seed vinaigrette. Very refreshing. (Another reason to love Golf Girl -- she shares food with the Monkeys!)
farm 008
Mr. Monkey got the BBQ beef short ribs ($24.25). The slow-roasted boneless short ribs came with cole slaw and grilled corn mashed potatoes. Tender and savory. Corn + potatoes = happiness.
farm 009
I opted for my usual Farm cheeseburger ($14.75) with fresh and oven-roasted tomatoes, fresh and caramelized onions, arugula, country mayonnaise, oh-so-melty-yummy Gruyère, and sweet potato fries. This burger is my fave thing at The Farm.
farm 007
farm 010
The Farm isn't a blow-you-away kind of place, but I enjoy it because the dishes are generally tasty and reliable. The ingredients are of good quality. The service is polite and efficient. It's the perfect place to go when it's too late for the Farmers Market.

We managed to save enough room to make a short trek to Milk for dessert. Mmmmmilk!
milk 012
milk 014
milk 016
As I was snapping away while Mr. Monkey and Golf Girl ordered at the counter, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the daughter of a partner at my old firm whom I'd met at Small Fries' christening. We both laughed at the fact she recognized me and my shutterbug ways. She highly recommended the coffee toffee ice cream sandwich.

Boy, was she right.

If you haven't tried an ice cream sandwich from Milk, run to Beverly Boulevard. This is no ordinary ice cream sandwich. It's a giant ice-cream-filled macaron!

Cold. Sweet. Heaven.

Coffee toffee ice cream sandwich ($4.00). Ah-maaaz-ing. A coffee lover's dream.
milk 020
Chocolate-dipped vanilla bean ice cream sandwich ($4.00). Pretty damn fabulous, but my heart belongs to the coffee toffee.
milk 021
Buttercrunch drumstick ($4.50). Delish, but still not as lovely as the ice cream sandwiches.
milk 019
As if all this wasn't sweet enough, Mr. Monkey washed it down with fresh watermelon juice.
milk 024
We waddled back to the car very satisfied. Quack quack.


  1. The cheeseburger looks so. good.

  2. I have driven by Milk but never eaten there. I think that's all about to change after seeing these pics!

  3. ditto jen on milk. you've sold me on the coffee toffee sandwich!!! ahh!

  4. Wow, another post filled with wonderful food. Milk must have arrived since we left West Hollywood, wow does that look delicious!

  5. I just love the simplicity of naming a restaurant "Milk"

  6. That burger looks so awesome. I'm hungry now, dammit.

  7. That's 3 for Jen's comment. I never wouldve thought to pop in there!

    You're pictures, once again, are amazing. I need to find out exactly what camera and lense you have and copy you exactly!

  8. What a yummy night! The cheeseburger and the buttercrunch drumstick - delish!

  9. Now I want dinner for breakfast!! This pastry and coffee are

  10. MMMMMMMMMM! Everything in this post looks SO GOOD. i wish we had that milk place in minnesota!!!

  11. I must visit Milk when I go back to LA. Wow.

  12. oh how i love sweet potato fries.

  13. i heart the farm. and milk is fabulous, too. i want to go back for one of those coffee toffee sandwiches.

  14. I've been to the Farm (in Topanga) once and wasn't a huge fan. Clearly I ordered the wrong things. That burger looks ahhhhhh-mazing.

  15. OMG, those desserts look so freakin' good! I want one of each.

  16. I have to go to this milk place. Who needs the farm?

  17. i do love the farm. we went there every so often for brunch and it was always very good.

    milk is another place that sadly, i've still never been :/


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