Monday, November 26, 2007

Exit, Stage Left

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good-bye! Monkey's last day at the firm!

If you can believe it, I had yet another lunch in my honor today, this time with my Best Boys. These are the guys who have known me the longest. These are the guys who were my pals since nearly day one. These are the guys who said today, "Who's going to be the only girl now?" My Best Boys rule. Special props to Pescado for organizing and B-Dawg for coming back downtown for my last day.

Here we are at Morton's. Two pics. I don't know what B-Dawg and Pescado are doing in the first one. I'm not sure I want to.

And now it's time to get all nostalgic and sentimental. A rundown of how much I adore my main peeps, in approximate order of newest friends to oldest friends:

You are so dedicated to the practice of law, and your industriousness and enthusiasm for our profession never cease to amaze me. Thanks for being my late-night buddy. Thanks for the hundreds of rides home. Thanks for always being on my side. No one is more loyal than you.

You are one of the most caring people I've ever known, and there is certainly no one kinder (or more stylish) than you at the firm. I'm so happy we managed to stay close even after you left the clutches of litigation. Thanks for listening and all the hugs. You are an incredible person.

You are my ball of fun and ray of sunshine! Even with all the ups and downs (well, really, only one down), you are one of my best friends. Your warmth and good cheer made work so much more bearable. Thanks for putting up with my occasional Debbie Downer tendencies and seeing the positive in everything. I will miss being just two doors away.

Cheeks and Bootcamper

Oh, how I wish you'd been on our floor! We did, however, make the most of our inter-floor friendships! I wish you guys the best of luck with firm politics and wedding planning, respectively. Thanks for laughing at my jokes and being game for Field Trip Fridays. Thanks for making firm happy hours worth attending.

Who can argue before the California Supreme Court and do triathlons? You can! You are so rad. I have great hopes for you and the other Young Guns; the firm is in dire need of non-sexagenarian talent. Thanks for your patience, advice, friendship, and shared fascination with all things electronic.

Lasagna Man

For all of our constant joking with you, you know we love you to pieces. You are the best sport, and you have such a big heart. I know you are going to do really well at the firm. Thanks for quasi-colluding with me for three years, my fellow Class of '01 pal.

Captain Amazing

Recipe for a Good Party =
Alcohol + Captain Amazing

You rock a faux-hawk like no other. People sometimes fail to realize you're a great attorney, and you're very thoughtful and even sweet. Thanks for entertaining me and mocking me only occasionally.

Pescado and B-Dawg

What can I say about the two of you? I must discuss you together, even if B-Dawg is a fellow deserter, because you guys are like Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger in Jerry Maguire. You complete each other! Thanks for inviting me on cigar runs. Thanks for introducing me to cool indie bands (but no thanks for the Fiery Furnaces -- Captain Amazing is totally right re Blueberry Boat). Thanks for fake firmwide farewells and blue highlighter shenanigans. Thanks for voicemails from your kids that are so cute that even this baby hater's heart melts. Thanks for getting me through countless rough patches at work. Thanks for making me laugh. Thanks for letting me in and making your duo into a trio as much as you could.

Curly Fries
You are my oldest, dearest friend from this firm. We've reviewed hundreds of thousands of documents together. We co-founded the Cry Baby Club. We survived working with Shittler. We put together many meals together (or, rather, I tried to put meals together, but was too slow, so you put my meals together for me). We have eaten more crepes than probably the entire firm. We have corrected the grammar of others ruthlessly. We are as different as two girls can be, but somehow we work. You are my confidante who never judges, and I love you for that.

My dear BPLJ, I can't believe this is the end. You have known me longer than Mr. Monkey has -- over seven years. I've never practiced law without you. You are my constant source of hilarity. You are my reliable one-man support system. We braved the Green Empire together and managed to escape The Evil Triumvirate. We started anew at this firm on the same day. Who will ask me, "Got any big plans for the weekend?" Who will sing the "Young Associate Monkey" theme song? Who will make me a new tip cup? Who will tell me tales of Ouchy the Clown? Who will talk to me in the Buffalo Bill voice? Alas, the Dynamic Duo is being torn asunder. I will miss you terribly. Please start researching ways to clone yourself.

In true yearbook fashion, I say, "Have bitchin' summer! KIT!"



  1. Awwwww. What a very sweet post! It's always so hard to leave good people behind, but hopefully you guys will stay in touch.

  2. Wow, sounds like you have made some amazing friends. Congrats on your last day!

  3. What a nice post about your friends, they sound like a great bunch! Good luck starting your new gig, I can't wait to read about a new bunch of characters :)

  4. This post was great for so many reasons. Whoever said the Monkey doesn't have a heart has never really seen the real you. I hope you find some awesome people at the new job even though you'll never really replace these guys.

  5. i think its really going to hit me next halloween, when you don't have your firm's costume pics up! Those were awesome.. I love how i worded this like it was my last day at the firm..

  6. This was another great post. I hope your former co-workers read your blog, they'd be so happy!


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