Monday, March 12, 2012

Say Yes to Brunch: Nopa

San Franciscans love Nopa. You should, too.
nopa 050
nopa 004
nopa 045
nopa 002
nopa 009nopa 011
nopa 016nopa 024
We had a delightful brunch at Nopa with the Oros when the four of us were in town for Outside Lands.

Blue Bottle Coffee ($3.50).
nopa 020
Mr. Monkey always gets French pressed coffee when available. This was strong and great.

Gewurztraminer Sparkler -- Navarro Gewurztraminer juice, soda water ($4).
nopa 018
I love when there are interesting non-alcoholic drinks. Light and refreshing!

Chile-rubbed pork, hominy, escarole, Pimentón butter, black pepper biscuit ($14).
nopa 027
Ms. Oro and I both got this. Wow! A hearty bowl of savory goodness.

Grass-fed hamburger, pickled onions, herbed potatoes ($13).
nopa 032
Mr. Oro loved his burger. Big and meaty.

Oven-baked farm egg, spiced tomato, Pantaleo, grilled bread ($9).
nopa 037
Mr. Monkey and I traded halfway, and I was particularly thrilled with the grilled bread. Man. It was fantastic.

Custard French toast, roasted strawberries, lemon butter ($12).
nopa 039
We all shared this for dessert. Custard! What?! Yes!

When you visit San Francisco, make Nopa a part of your trip.


  1. Next have to try the pork chop!

  2. It's coincidental how the "no" in "nopa" sounds like the answer to "yes" in "yes to brunch." The food certainly looks awesome though!

  3. That place looks awesome! I love the decor and the vibe and any place that makes a hamburger look adorable is a win in my book!

  4. I also love french pressed coffee so was dismayed to read recently that it contains harmful chemicals due to some mumjo jumbo way it's prepped. Howevs i figure you eat enough grass fed burgers it should even out mmm hmm,

  5. blue bottle coffee in heath ceramics. so SF. so great.


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