Monday, May 13, 2013

Brunch Bonanza: Tasty n Sons

We drove directly to Tasty n Sons after we landed in Portland.  That's dedication, folks.
tasty n sons 037a
tasty n sons 035a
This self-touted "Portland neighborhood restaurant" is enormously popular.  Even at 2 p.m., we waited about 15 minutes for a table; I can only imagine the madness that occurs during prime dining hours.  Nevertheless, it's a pleasant wait and one that's worth your while.  We left our cell phone number with the hostess and took a delightful walk around the adorable block.

Griddled bacon-wrapped dates with maple syrup and almonds ($2 each).
tasty n sons 017a
Like candy!  Magnificent giant candy for adults!

Roasted apple with bacon lardons and cheddar ($5).
tasty n sons 019a
Cheesy.  Bacony.  Applely.  Nonsensical-word-inducingly good.

Chocolate potato doughnut with crème anglaise ($1.50 each).
tasty n sons 025a
You will turn into Homer Simpson when you bite into this hot little ball, drool and all.

Potatoes bravas with over easy eggs and aioli ($7).
tasty n sons 029a
The aioli made this skillet.

Burmese red pork stew with short grain rice and eggs two ways ($10).
tasty n sons 032a
A fan favorite with good reason.  Sweet and salty and mix it all up with that egg?  One warm bowl of happy comfort.

What could make this meal even better?  Even with beverages and tip, we only paid $41 for all of this.  Man, I love Portland.  It's like going to another country with a great exchange rate.


  1. "It's like going to another country with a great exchange rate."

    LOL. And the difference between the 2nd season of the Real World and the 28th.

    1. LOL, indeed! No, really, I am so in love with Portlandia. Totally my new fave country. ;)

  2. YUM! We only went once, but it was great.

    1. The place really lived up to its name! Well, at least the tasty part!


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