Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sophisticated German Grub: Grüner

Lots of people really love Grüner in Portland.  We liked it but didn't love it.
gruner 001agruner 009a
gruner 003a
gruner 020a
It's not Grüner's fault.  We simply realized that German cuisine isn't at the top of our list.  If you're looking for a good German meal, I don't think you can do much better than Grüner.  Well, unless you're in Germany or have a German grandma.

Complimentary pretzel bread (and other bread) and butter.
gruner 008a
We didn't even touch the regular bread.  Why would we when we had that glorious braid on top?

Crisp polenta croquettes stuffed with Raclette cheese ($5).
gruner 015a
Our first few bites were the best of the entire meal.  Just read those ingredients.  Just look at that golden glow.  Five dollars bought a lot of happiness.

Bacon-wrapped rabbit roulade filled with foie gras served with toasted brioche, raspberry mustard, pickled rhubarb, and pickled baby carrots ($14).
gruner 010a
gruner 012a
Given the foie gras ban back home, this was a no-brainer order for me.  Solid.

Quark spätzle, Edelweiss Black Forest ham, sauteed green garlic, asparagus, Crimini mushrooms, Fontina cheese, cream, chives, crisp shallots ($22).
gruner 017a
Tasty...but not even close to being as tasty as Italian pasta.  Unfair comparison perhaps, but it's the truth.

Choucroute garnie -- bratwurst, saucisson, cider-braised pork belly, cured pork tenderloin, sauerkraut, sweet mustard, Yukon Gold potatoes ($26).
gruner 018a
So traditional.  So very German.  Nice version.

We were glad to have sampled Grüner, but it's unlikely we'll ever return.  You can do better when you're in Portland.


  1. "...unless you're in Germany or have a German grandma." Lol!

  2. Quark spaetzle? The only quarks I know are subatomic particles...


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