Thursday, May 16, 2013

Portland Meets the South: The Country Cat

We met Mr. and Mrs. annyong for brunch at The Country Cat Dinnerhouse & Bar.
Don't let the name of the place fool you -- it's a delectable daytime dining destination.

The annyongs ordered the same two dishes we ordered, so that's why there are only three items below.

Basket of pecan cinnamon rolls ($7).
Warm, sticky, and sweet.

Shrimp and grits -- sauteed shrimp, Merguez sausage, and two eggs any style served on grits with pan gravy ($12).
Southern comfort.

Cast-iron fried chicken with bacon-pecan spoon bread and field greens dressed with maple syrup ($13).
Pretty satisfying.

I wouldn't say that this meal knocked it out of the park, but you won't leave disappointed.  The place is quite popular, so I imagine other dishes are strong, too.

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