Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fancy Lumberjack Fare: Ned Ludd

I highly recommend you try Ned Ludd when you go to Portland.  It is so fresh and delicious and warm and wonderful, and you'll feel so good and content when you're done with your meal.

Out of all of our meals during these two trips, I'd say this one was most representative of Portland or, at least, what I think of when I think "Portland."  The building looks somewhat warehouse-y, and galvanized tubs galore sit right in front, full of the very herbs and vegetables you're about to eat.
A preponderance of dishes has some element prepared in a wood-burning oven, and even the rather rustic restroom is filled with wood.  Drinks, like the nettle soda ($3) above, come in Mason jars.

Ned Ludd is fancy lumberjack fare.  It will absolutely delight your inner cosmopolitan Paul Bunyan.

Miner’s lettuce, shaved carrot, pistachio, mint, yoghurt vinaigrette ($8).
Fantastic and refreshing.  It tasted like it had just come out of a garden.  Because it did.

Sylvetta arugula, shaved bacon, pickled raisins, hazelnuts ($9).
The best salad ever for meat lovers!  Mr. Monkey said this should've been called "Amazing Bacon and Friends."  Incredible.

Pastured lamb, puntarella, sprouting broccoli, green olives, persillade ($19).
Just glorious.  The lamb was so tender, smoky, and luscious, and the greens paired perfectly.

Crisp potatoes, spinach, fermented greens, nettle aioli ($9).
Argh, so yum.  Ned Ludd's oven and garden can do no wrong.  That charred goodness.  That beautiful greenery.  Sigh.

Game hen, carrots, pea tendrils, goat cheese, garlic chive ($17).
You know I go crazy for tiny fowl.  The blackened bits.  The succulent meat.  I lost my mind.  Ned Ludd's oven is magical.

White chocolate cremeaux, lemon marmalade, pistachio, lavender ($8).
This wasn't from the garden or the oven.  Could Ned Ludd pull off dessert?  Yes!  A resounding yes!  Slightly sweet.  Slightly tart.  Slightly nutty.  Totally creamy and dreamy. 

Bravo, Ned Ludd.  Thank you for a splendid Oregonian meal.

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