Monday, March 30, 2009


Giggles had a birthday last week.
babita 002
babita 037
babita 040
We visited Babita (1823 S. San Gabriel Blvd., San Gabriel) for this special occasion.
babita 033
babita 006
babita 008
We started with fresh guacamole ($7.50).
babita 010
The soup of the day ($6.95) was cream of mango. I'm told that it only had a hint of sweetness, and the flavor resembled that of squash.
babita 017
D enjoyed her sauteed salmon over colachi with Sinaloa's classic calabacita relish and jack cheese ($16.95).
babita 012
The enchiladas de pollo en mole poblano with cilantro, onion, cheese, and cremamex ($16.95) delighted Prim. That she let me have a few bites delighted me. Rich yet delicate. Creamy yet smoky. A beautiful mélange of textures and flavors.
babita 015
Giggles and I ate Monkey-style (i.e., we traded dishes midway -- in case you didn't already know, this is how Mr. Monkey and I eat nearly all of our meals).

The arctic char special of the day didn't disappoint. Moist, flavorful, saucy.
babita 020
But my favorite this time was the mixiote lamb shank marinated in spices, beer, and chilies and baked-steamed in beer ($18.95).
babita 025
Behold that juicy goodness!
babita 024
Rich. Meaty. Fall-off-the-bone amazing.
babita 028
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babita 034 sepia cross
We all loved the smooth complimentary birthday flan.
babita 030
No birthday is complete, however, without Glam's famous cupcakes. Believe it or not, we took a break later that afternoon to stuff our faces further with Glam's fresh strawberry-infused labors of love.
babita 041
babita 045
babita 048
Happy birthday, Giggles! It's hard to say what's more extraordinary -- you or the food at Babita!


  1. Cream of mango? Hmm, sounds interesting!

    Happy Birthday to Giggles!

  2. looks like another amazing meal! the food looks so pretty, I can only imagine how it tasted.

  3. In heaven, I believe they serve food from Babita.

    Except it's a buffet.

    And you never EVER get full.

  4. That food looks amazingly fancy for such a homey looking restaurant! Those cupcakes made me a little dizzy.

  5. Mmm-mole. I am going to make that magical sauce myself someday.

  6. happy, happy birthday to giggles! looks like a fabulous birthday meal. the ILs are gonna love this place.

  7. The food all look yummy, especially the cupcakes! Happy birthday, Giggles!

  8. Aw - what a great time! Mr. Insomniac and I do "half-half" too, when I can get him to cooperate.

  9. wowza. i think you always know how to order the right things. babita was great the last time i went, but i think i needed you to order (and take photos for me!). :-)

  10. sounds like Giggles had a Happy WorkdayBirthday! And yeah, that guac looked like it was worth every penny

  11. ugh i need all that food now.

    so fat,


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