Monday, March 9, 2009

Bargain Bites and Reminiscing

After a lackluster dinner the night before, I was determined to redeem myself during brunch. Mr. Monkey had done such a wonderful job planning all other aspects of our trip, the least I could do was give him a good meal.

I was thrilled that it was no longer February when the sun rose. Why? Dine Around Seattle, that's why! I poked around on the site, narrowed down the restaurants that offered Sunday brunch, and figured out which were within walking distance of our hotel.

steelhead diner
was the winner.
seattle 056
seattle 054
seattle 055
seattle 042
seattle 035
seattle 039
Can you believe this deal? Score!
seattle 036
We both started with the chicken and andouille sausage gumbo (usual price $7.95). Loved it. Spicy, rich, and delicious!
seattle 044
seattle 043
Mr. Monkey savored his barbecue style pulled pork sandwich (usual price $10.95).
seattle 049
My blackened Idaho catfish with Creole meuniere and tangy cabbage salad (usual price $16.95) made me very very happy. Really tender and well-seasoned.
seattle 050
Mr. Monkey did his best to stuff himself with chocolate pecan pie with cocoa nibs and bourbon chantilly cream (usual price $7.95). Sticky sweet goodness.
seattle 052
I relished each bite of my spiced stout pound cake with strawberries, vanilla pastry cream, and honey drizzle (usual price $8.95).
seattle 053
We marveled that all this cost only $30! And it was fantastic! I definitely rehabilitated my reputation with this meal. Phew.

steelhead diner was just a few steps away from Pike Place Market. Whee!
seattle 033
seattle 064
seattle 084
Almost four years ago, Mr. Monkey proposed to me in Seattle. We had fun revisiting a few places we'd been before.
seattle 066
seattle 067
seattle 068
seattle 063
seattle 070
seattle 080
seattle 082
seattle 083
seattle 059
seattle 058
seattle 087
We walked down to the waterfront just like we did four years ago. Too bad we didn't have time to watch otters at the aquarium this time.
seattle 071
seattle 072
We remembered getting attacked by seagulls at this Ivar's stand in 2005.

On our way to our engagement site, we gawked through the windows at some of the exhibits at the Seattle Art Museum.
seattle 077
And here it is -- the Alexis Hotel -- where Mr. Monkey got down on one knee.
seattle 075
seattle 074
It was such a nice place! Much better than Hotel Max! Bah! Too bad not every weekend can be an engagement weekend, complete with rose petals strewn everywhere.

This concludes our little romp to Victoria and a bit of Seattle. All photos from our trip may be found here. Hope you enjoyed the ride.


  1. Yummmmm. Looking at your blog in the morning really is hazardous to my kitchen.

  2. 1.) We got engaged on a weekend trip to Seattle, too!
    2.) I love that there were rose petals strewn everywhere. :)
    3.) This post makes me want to go back up there again.

  3. props again to mr. monkey, sounds like an amazing getaway!

  4. Amazing brunch! I never caught the fish throwing (get it? caught? heh.) at Pike's--must get back there to see that. Love the photos!!

  5. loved this series! i can't believe the savings on that scrumptious meal. $15 for three courses is unheard of!! i've always wanted to visit seattle and your pics only inspired me to do it sooner. ;-)

  6. that gumbo and the pie!!! maybe i've gained so much weight lately because of your dine ___ posts??? yes, that's definitely why.

  7. ahhh pike place. i passed by steelhead and thought it cute inside. you know i love the paint color.

  8. I love Seattle! What a great weekend! I think that bearded beanie guy was there when we were there about 4 years ago - I have a similar pic :)

  9. wow, what a steal! nice lunch :)

    seattle was our first trip after we were officially dating. we really need to go back.

  10. That's gotta be a Kimpton! I know that doggy sign.

  11. how fun! and what a great deal for brunch!

  12. Ahhhh...this post makes me miss Seattle!!!


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