Wednesday, March 4, 2009


In his best ode to Foreigner, Mr. Monkey has been singing to me the past few days, "They've been waiting...for a post from come into their lives."

Wait no more, my pretties!

Early on Saturday, we boarded the Victoria Clipper IV from Seattle to Victoria.
victoria 004
victoria 005
victoria 002
victoria 010
Oh, Canada!
victoria 011
We disembarked, walked a few steps to our hotel, left our bags there, and started exploring.
victoria 018
victoria 052
victoria 034
victoria 035
victoria 040
Mr. Monkey had made reservations for an early afternoon tea at The Fairmont Empress Hotel. It was a dainty little lunch for us.
victoria 017
victoria 042
victoria 022
victoria 021victoria 023
victoria 025
victoria 064
victoria 065
victoria 066
victoria 053
victoria 057
victoria 060
victoria 062
victoria 084
According to the hotel, the Empress Blend is a selection of seasonal quality teas, created exclusively for The Fairmont Empress by the Metropolitan Tea Company. With components from Assam (thick malty and full bodied), Kenya (floral-like flavor and a golden coppery infusion), South India (superb fruity and sprightly flavor), Ceylon (airy, almost piquant flavor), and China (burgundy depth with light oaky notes), it is truly one of the finest blends in the world.
victoria 068
Yeah, it really was some great tea.

We also tried the Berry Berry, a caffeine-free tart herb and fruit tea with the essence of orange and pineapple, hibiscus petals, rosehip chips, elderberries, dried currants, strawberries, currants, and cream.
victoria 069
Loved this tea, too. Mr. Monkey thought it tasted like juice.

Our three tiers of happiness.
victoria 072
Tea sandwiches! Smoked salmon pinwheels, mango and curried chicken, carrot and ginger cream cheese, mushroom pate drizzled with truffle oil on multigrain crostini, cucumber with light horseradish mayonnaise.
victoria 074
Scones with strawberry preserves and Devonshire cream!
victoria 076
Pastries! Lemon tart with lemon curd and strawberry garnish, chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and topped with ganache, Battenberg vanilla and chocolate sponge checkerboard cake wrapped in marzipan, marble chocolate tulip with cherry inside, Earl Grey tea shortbread.
victoria 078
victoria 080
I adored the Battenberg, perhaps more for its cuteness than its actual taste.

We are a silly pair.
victoria 087victoria 086victoria 088victoria 085
victoria 090victoria 091
victoria 071
All done!
victoria 094
But wait! There's more! Each guest gets a box of the Empress Blend to take home!
victoria 093
victoria 092
A parting shot before we left The Empress.
victoria 096
We walked around downtown and the inner harbor some more.
victoria 103
victoria 113
victoria 120
victoria 115
victoria 125
victoria 121
victoria 143
victoria 127
Black oyster catchers! How awesome are those orange beaks?
victoria 131
victoria 136
victoria 137
On our way back to our hotel, we stopped by the Parliament Building.
victoria 045
victoria 149
victoria 150
victoria 177
We took a peek inside, and it just happened to be time for a free guided tour.
victoria 151
victoria 173
victoria 153
victoria 154
victoria 164
victoria 166
victoria 163
victoria 161victoria 162
victoria 156
victoria 167
victoria 170
victoria 172
victoria 152victoria 159
victoria 175
victoria 180
victoria 178
Next: Friday night and the best hotel room we've ever had in our lives.


  1. Looks amazing. What a thoughtful husband monkey!

  2. Mr. Monkey seriously rocks. I love the photos of the parliament. Looks amazing.

  3. so fun! I love the afternoon tea.

  4. Mr. Monkey is a very good trip planner.

    We were only in Victoria briefly and unable to enjoy afternoon tea. I am so glad you did! I love a fancy tea.

    It looks like you had nice sunny weather!

  5. i hate tea, but maybe I'll give it another chance because of this post.

  6. yum... afternoon tea! my top 3 things about this post: foreigner, shamu, and darth vader (playing the violin, no less). pretty much amazing.

  7. Looks so pretty!! You always make me sad I'm not on vacation too...

  8. Great photos! I particularly love the one of Darth rocking out.

  9. You are one lucky monkey. A+ for Mr. Monkey. And my favorite picture is the sign of the dude picking his nose. Those Canadians are so silly.

  10. this brings back some wonderful memories of our own trip to victoria.

    mmmm, tea!

    i canNOT wait for the next installment. best room YOU'VE ever stayed in? shit.

  11. Your tea photos are making me hungry and thirsty! Can't wait to see more!

  12. LOVE TEA! Canada is sooo Europe-lite. Been to Vancouver and Toronto and I think that's it for me.

  13. I LOVE high tea - and apparently, now, The Empress as well.

  14. We weren't worthy enough for the Empress when I went with my family! We had the misfortune of wearing jeans and were denied the pleasure of great tea. :(

  15. Oh my God how breathtaking. I am seriously on pins and needles to see the best hotel room...

  16. I love tea. This is not the Victoria Island I remember. Mr. Monkey wins again for planning a great wkend getaway.

  17. tea at the fairmont empress! so lovely!

    the parliament building is as i remember. all else i remember from victoria are the butchart gardens, which my brother and i called "butt gardens" all trip and giggled about. hey, i was 9.

    nice photos.

  18. and now i want to go to victoria.

  19. My grandma and I used to spend the weekend at the Empress when I was living in Seattle and she'd come visit!! So, so glad you had tea there! I think it's one of the best teas I've ever had!


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