Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am buried.

In work.
In hundreds of disorganized photos on my computer.
In unwritten posts.

I hate getting behind on blogging, and I'm only going to get more behind this week. I have two hearings on motions for summary judgment this week.


And I have so many tales with which to regale you.

One last dineLA experience!
A new nail place downtown!
Cheap tacos!
A concert!
Hello Kitty in a bear suit!
Eating food from 29 restaurants in less than three hours!
LeBron James!

But all this will have to wait until I'm done with my MSJs.

Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck!

    I'm with you on falling behind with blogging, in fact I'm WAY worse than you because I never end up catching up! You've been pretty damn consistent for the longest time, I think it's just fine if you take a break once in a while. =)

  2. We'll be here waiting for your return!

  3. wishing you tons of luck! hang in there, only a few more days until the weekend.

  4. Good luck! I'm feeling buried as well... it must be going around.

  5. Good luck! Hang in there, this week will come to an end.

  6. Luck!

    please START with the hello kitty when you are done ;)

  7. *petting Weemo* Good luck my friend! We'll all be here when you're ready to dish.

  8. my studiomates and me NEED the entry on the new nail place. NEED.

    good luck on all your work this week. blergh.

  9. Wishing you luck and looking forward to reading about everything on that list when you get a chance to breathe again!

  10. i <3 lebron james so.... were you at the clippers game last night?! we were there just for bron-bron :)

  11. I am anxiously awaiting the nail place post. I need to see how you get a manicure *and* take pictures.

  12. I am buried at work too. And hating it. I feel ya.

  13. I'm buried too. But I don't even have much to blog about.

  14. I'll beat back anyone who comes to bother you...lol...

  15. Bah, I know that feeling all too well. Hang in there.


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