Friday, March 6, 2009


As I mentioned before, right when we got off the ferry, we headed to our hotel, the Inn at Laurel Point, literally just steps away from the dock.
victoria seattle 068
Mr. Monkey had booked a lovely Terrace Suite for us. I was already excited about this from the photos I'd seen on the hotel website. When we got there, however, we didn't get the Terrace Suite.

We got a complimentary upgrade to the Mayrs Suite! Penthouse! Two stories!
victoria 107 edited
Best. Hotel. Room. Of. Our. Lives.

Here's floor one.
victoria 183
victoria 195
victoria 196
victoria 182
Have you ever stayed in a hotel room with its own spiral staircase? We hadn't.
victoria 198
On to the second floor! So expansive that a king-sized bed looked tiny!
victoria 188
victoria 187
victoria 189
victoria 193
victoria 206
victoria 209
Biggest bathroom ever.
victoria 186
victoria 184
More Molton Brown than you can shake a stick at. This was only a sampling.
victoria 191
Apparently you're supposed to spray this for restful healing sleep.
victoria 190
The almost 360-degree daytime view from the enormous second-floor balcony.
victoria 202
victoria 201
victoria 200
victoria 199
victoria 203
victoria 204
victoria 205
victoria 208
Mr. Monkey was so excited about the balconies (yes, floor one had an ample balcony, too). He wanted to get in on the camera action as well and took these photos of the seaplane and ferry that we'd board the next day. Meanwhile, I relaxed. Everywhere. I tried all the couches and chaises and chairs and ottomans.
victoria 210
victoria 213
victoria 217
As you know, Mr. Monkey is the master trip planner. I don't lift a finger; he is that good. He just tells me our destination, I pack a suitcase, and I go along for the ride. And it's always a fabulous ride.

I am, however, in charge of one thing when we travel -- food!
victoria 218
Notwithstanding my pre-trip restaurant research, which unearthed the Dine Around and Stay in Town program (i.e., Victoria's equivalent of dineLA), we decided to stay in to maximize our time in the gigantic suite.

Can you blame us? Have you looked through these pictures?

Before we settled in for dinner in our contemporary palace, we went out again to see the Parliament Building and The Fairmont Empress Hotel all lit up. Definitely sights to see!
victoria 221
victoria 223
As pretty as Victoria is at night, it was great to get back to the warmth of our hotel, which was not only modern but also had a touch of Asian flair.
victoria 224victoria 219
The hotel restaurant, Aura, was a place we'd like to go if we were eating out.
victoria 181
Lucky us -- we had it brought to our effing enormous suite.

Creamy Cortes Island clam and oyster chowder with local little neck clams from Cortes Island and smoked oysters ($10). Smooth and steeped with tons of clams and oysters. Scaldingly hot, just how I like it!
victoria 250
Sesame calamari with fresh orange segments, baby tatsoi greens, tobiko, and cucumber ginger yogurt ($14). Delicately fried. Clean. Fresh.
victoria 244
Aura crusted wonton prawns with togorashi mayonnaise, warm edamame, and lime salt ($15). Nom nom nom! Man, the crunch!
victoria 245
Aura-style fish and chips with house cut fries, yuzu remoulade sauce, and Asian coleslaw ($18). Yummy for my tummy.
victoria 247
It's sort of hard to see, but the two pieces of fish were gigantic. Quite good.
victoria 248
Aura vanilla pudding with caramelized puffed rice, sour cherry compote, and Japanese red plum wine sorbet ($10). Light and sweet paired with icy and tart.
victoria 243
After dinner, I took even more pictures of our room and its view. I was that enamored. We went out on the balcony. Again. I wish we lived there. The parties we would throw on that sprawling balcony!
victoria 225
victoria 226
victoria 228
victoria 231
victoria 229
victoria 230
victoria 232
victoria 233
victoria 234
victoria 235
victoria 237
victoria 238
victoria 236
victoria 239
victoria 240
victoria 241
victoria 242
Of course, we made good use of the huge jacuzzi.
victoria 251
victoria 253victoria 254
victoria 259
Molton, take me away!

Next: Snapping a sunrise, soaring on a seaplane, and sailing to Seattle.


  1. W.O.W. I can't believe that hotel room.

  2. holler for the alliteration at the end - that looks so wonderful, and I feel like I was there! I loved Mr. Monkey waving from the bathroom.

  3. What an amazing suite! Wow! Love the view from the bathroom.

  4. Wow. You're soooo lucky!!! That suite is bigger than our apartment.

  5. That hotel room is amazing. I'm not sure I could have been lured out of there when it was time to leave.

  6. Wow, inncredible is right. I am in love with that room, especially the bathroom.

    Looks like you had an amazing anniversary trip, complete with a racy photo of Mr Monkey in the tub, lol.

  7. Amazing suite. Lucky you. I'd never be able to leave. Two thumbs up for sneaky mr. monkey.

  8. I am dying laughing at Mr. Monkey in all those bubbles. That clam chowder looks fantastic!

  9. Ballers. And I'm cracking up at Mr. Monkey in the tub.

  10. GORGEOUS!!! mr. monkey in the bathtub AND the room ;)

  11. I have never seen a hotel room like this - looks like a very nice trip! I may just have to start having lots of anniversaries until I too find two-story hotel bliss :)

    Also, I'm looking at a hotel and wondering whether it's worth it to use Priceline. It's only one night, so even if it's not the best hotel it wouldn't be too awful, but location is important (getting a ride to an event, so we need to be convenient for the people driving). You're probably the person I "know" with my Priceline experience - would you mind sharing? Have you ever had a problem, how much do you usually save over listed prices, any tips? My email is dontcallmegringa at gmail or it might make a useful blog post for others with questions! Thanks so much, WeeMo :)

  12. really good food photos! beautiful.

    i need to borrow mr. monkey for our next trip, please. i've got the food part down, too, but not so much the other parts.

  13. Ah-maze-ing! So jealous!! That place is gorgeous!

  14. I think this is the first time that "other" photos impressed me more than your food photos. Drooling. Mostly over the hotel room. I wouldn't mind the food, either, though.

  15. I'm so blown away, I really am. Was this a room through Priceline or Hotwire? Seriously those views took my breath away. I'm going to get follow up comments on this post so if you update with how Mr.M went about scoring this deal, I'm in the know. Amazing.

  16. omg. i just got to see these because flickr is blocked at work. beyond amazing!

  17. Drooling...drooling more, and just speechless! I can't believe you left that room!!! Amazing!

  18. DUDE! that is an effing sweet room! i wouldn't have left for dinner either. :)

  19. um, that might be the most beautiful room i have ever seen! what an incredible view!

  20. wow that room is absolutely incredible!!!


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