Monday, April 12, 2010

Dogs, Design, and Dior

We braved the December cold to check out the new construction in Vegas.
vegas 008
vegas 011
These Frenchies were bundled up, too. So adorable.

The ominous sky made for interesting shots of the towering glass architecture.
vegas 047
vegas 057
vegas 056
vegas 063
vegas 059
Aria, Vdara, and the Mandarin Oriental scream modernity.

We stopped by the free gallery, where Dale Chihuly was showing.
vegas 066
vegas 080
vegas 067
vegas 071vegas 073
vegas 074vegas 075
vegas 076vegas 078
vegas 072
vegas 079
vegas 082
You can see Chihuly's work all over the ceilings of the Bellagio.

Crystals at the City Center is like an indoor Rodeo Drive.
vegas 127
vegas 150
vegas 132vegas 133
vegas 135vegas 134
vegas 136vegas 142
vegas 051
vegas 052
Lots of great shopping for the rich. Lots of great window shopping for the rest of us.

Lots of great dramatic design for everyone.
vegas 049
vegas 050
vegas 130vegas 129
vegas 140vegas 139
vegas 145
From ice columns to contained vortexes to fun patterned stairs, Crystals has it all.


  1. I am long overdue for a Vegas adventure! City Center will def be on the itinerary!

  2. It's always fun with the "cheapest" store in the mall is a Tiffany. Heh.

    We went to Aria on our February trip to Vegas and were a bit underwhelmed.

  3. mr. mo is the best.

    i think photos in ominous weather are rather beautiful. yours certainly are, as always.

  4. that gallery looks amazing! i love glass artwork.

  5. I'm wondering what winter weather in Vegas is.

    I love Chihuly though. Those pieces are beautiful.

  6. You and Mr. Mo are a good match. lol I also want a Frenchie one day.

  7. Hi weezermonkey,

    Gorgeous pics. Thanks for the gallery of images. :) I really need to stop by and see the new buildings.

  8. These are some beautiful shots! I can't wait to go to Vegas in the next few months and...not buy anything at these stores.

  9. I am staying at Aria in a couple days. I kinda think I should avoid Crystals like the plague.

  10. Great photos! I LOVE those dogs! I.want.

  11. wow ... i need to head to vegas!

  12. really nice photos.

    i think we're gonna do sf instead of vegas this summer...yay and boo (both would be great).

  13. I love Chihuly! We have a huge piece of his work at one of our art museums - prety amazing.

  14. Such pretty and colorful photos. Love the Mr, love the doggies. LOVE Vegas!

  15. For the record- you will ALWAYS get a comment out of me when there are cute dog butts on a post. (or any animal front or back really ... lol)


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