Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Something for Everyone at StripSteak

The Oros and the Vegases joined us for dinner at Chef Michael Mina's StripSteak before we went to the Muse concert.
stripsteak 001
stripsteak 004
stripsteak 007
stripsteak 006
If you're looking for a good place for group dining that will accommodate both adventurous eaters and meat-and-potatoes types, StripSteak works beautifully. We sat in the most fantastic roomy booth that fit the six of us very comfortably.

This card greeted me when we sat down.
stripsteak 016stripsteak 017
What a nice touch!

I started with a California Mule ($13).
stripsteak 021
Krome vodka, ginger beer, and fresh lemon and grapefruit. If ginger beer is on the menu, I will get it!

Rock & Rye.
stripsteak 031
Wild Turkey infused with orange, lemon, cinnamon, cloves, and rock candy syrup served over a 2-by-2-inch ice cube. Mr. Vegas, who currently bartends at another restaurant on The Strip, had his eye on this drink from the get-go, so you know this was good! I had to get a picture of that huge ice cube!

Complimentary trio of duck fat fries -- (1) smoked paprika and mustard fries + smoked paprika and mustard crème fraîche, (2) truffle fries + truffle aïoli, (3) rosemary and onion fries + onion ketchup.
stripsteak 008
Duck! Fat! Fries! We demolished these. The paprika fries were my fave.

Complimentary olive oil focaccia.
stripsteak 019
The free goodies kept coming! This continued the streak of yumminess started by the duck fat fries.

Most of us opted for the three-course prix fixe ($55).

Prix Fixe Starter #1: Bibb wedge, avocado, bacon, Oregon Smokey Blue cheese.
stripsteak 023
What a nice twist to use Bibb for a wedge salad! Very pleasant, fresh, and mild.

Prix Fixe Starter #2: Maryland blue crab chowder, bacon lardon, parsnip.
stripsteak 026
stripsteak 027
Scrumptious and packed with plenty of crab. Creamy and and well spiced.

Prix Fixe Main #1: Half organic chicken, truffled mac & cheese, caramelized onion jus.
stripsteak 035
Mr. Oro gave me a generous bite, which I enjoyed immensely. The chicken was impeccably cooked -- juicy, savory, and terrific. It's not often that chicken impresses me at a restaurant, so this is saying a lot.

Prix Fixe Main #2: Slow-poached prime rib of beef, bacon lardon Brussels sprouts, truffled mac & cheese, bacon-creamed spinach.
stripsteak 034
My pick! And I was so happy with it! The prime rib was superb, but I may have been even giddier about the three side dishes! Variety is the spice of life! Thumbs up to everything on this plate! I love exclamations!

Dry-aged bone-in rib eye ($10 supplement to prix fixe).
stripsteak 032
Mrs. Vegas picked this as her main. It was enormous!

Angus filet mignon ($15 supplement to prix fixe).
stripsteak 040
Mr. Monkey's filet was rich and tender. I had a nice chunk of it.

King salmon ($36, non-prix fixe).
stripsteak 038
This salmon delighted Mrs. Oro. I was glad our no-red-meat friend liked her meal!

Tomato-dusted onion rings ($9).
stripsteak 037
Light and crunchy. Yum yum yum.

Bacon lardon Brussels sprouts ($12).
stripsteak 036
Mrs. Oro would not be Mrs. Oro without her Brussels sprouts! I don't often have them shredded like this. They were delectable.

Prix Fixe Dessert: Michael’s Root Beer Float, sassafras ice cream, chocolate chip cookies.
stripsteak 047
Each prix fixe meal came with this, but mine was a little more special. Tee hee hee! While root beer floats are always a treat, the real stars of the plate were the cookies. Warm, ooey and gooey!

We had such a blast at StripSteak! This was made even better by the following: (1) our portion of the bill was comped, (2) the Vegases used a $50 gift certificate, and (3) the Oros had a $50 food credit thanks to their Mandalay Bay hotel package.

Do we know how to have a good time for less or what?


  1. What a deal. I feel like I could learn a thing or two. And the steak looks too good. Posting and reading food blog entries definitely isn't a good thing to do at night.

  2. It's almost midnight. I'm starving. This didn't help!

    I though that happy birthday was written beautifully on the dessert plate though.

  3. I can't wait to go try this place on my next vegas trip. sounds like something the bumblebees would love...

  4. You are making super hungry with this entry! I'm loving those fries and onion rings! I definitely have to add this to my list for my upcoming Vegas trip

  5. wow, so many lovely dishes! Love all the birthday flair, very cool. Doesn't get much better than fancy fries and root beer floats. And 9 times out of 10, I will order prime rib~love, love it!
    Happy Birthday monkeypuppy!

  6. This looks like a great birthday meal! I need to go back to Vegas.

  7. Everything in this post looks absolutely incredible. I would like it all, for my lunch, now. Can you make that happen, please?

  8. I'm always amazed at the food AND the deals! Oh, and the Root Beer Float was adorable. Happy Birthday!

  9. Alright, I think we have yet another place to try this summer. Mmmmmm!

    What a fabulous birthday you had!! :)

  10. You just made my Vegas planning so much easier. Me thinks we will have hub's birthday dinner here as well. Love the fact that it's a great place for group dining. ::Muah:: You are da bomb.

  11. This is seriously one of the best deals for such a delicious looking meal I've seen in Vegas, and that's not including the coupons and comps. I'm sort of embarrassed to say this, but when my husband and I want a good steak in Vegas for non-exhorbitant prices, we head over to the Circus Circus Steakhouse. You have to walk through the gauntlet to get there, but once inside, it's comfy, old-school and really tasty.

  12. i SO want to try duck fat fries. and i really love restaurants that do special little things like that when you're visiting to celebrate an occasion.

  13. Here's one more reason I love you. I looked on and they have a 70% off coupon code for this restaurant. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  14. I'm not a big Michael Mina fan, but those fries & onion ring things look gooood!

  15. Duck




  16. Vegas is so great for food. Thanks for scouting out all these great places!

  17. Sassafras ice cream? How fun to say! Sassafras!!!

  18. You had me at "trio of french fries." Then came "duck fat." NOM.

  19. You had me at DUCK.FAT.FRIES. They sound diabolically delicious.

    I really need to check out this that everyone talks about...

  20. oh yum. I wish I would have known about this place when we went to LV in feb!

  21. You guys are the masters of having a good time for less!

    And yeah, I need some duck fat fries and meat nao.

  22. I recently discovered my dormant love for Moscow Mules. I think I would enjoy a Californian one as well. :P And wow to that whole meal!

  23. I don't learn my lesson. WHY do I check your blog before I have lunch?

    fekking drooling dude.

  24. I have SUCH the place to take you next time you come and visit Miss Ginger Beer.

  25. What a deal!

    I feel I NEED some duck fat fries in my life.

  26. What type of camera do you use for your food shots? They are stunning!

  27. I'll be going here for sure next chance I get. This is one of my favorite food/restaurant blog posts from you yet!

  28. Jumping on the duck fat fries bandwagon. I've eaten at Stripsteak but don't remember if we had the fries!

  29. My husband and I visited Las Vegas for the first time this weekend. I'm so glad I found your blog and read this review. I made reservations at Stripsteak for his birthday. It was incredible and exactly as expected (especially the fries and filet mignon!!) Thank you.


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