Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mandarin and Macaron Marvelousness

When I visited the Mandarin Oriental in New York City, I was blown away by its opulence. The new Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas also wowed me from its plush bench in the elevator to its hundreds of perfectly round hanging lights.
vegas 111
vegas 105
vegas 095
vegas 102
vegas 097
vegas 099
vegas 109
This place is the definition of luxury. No casino here, so no comped rooms.

Mr. Monkey walked right past the Carolina Herrera store, but I stopped to admire the shop of my wedding gown designer.
vegas 114
vegas 125
This dress reminded me of our pink and orange wedding, too.

Next door to Carolina Herrera was Amore Patisserie.
vegas 123
vegas 115
vegas 116
vegas 121
vegas 122
vegas 215
vegas 124
vegas 174
These pistachio and strawberry macarons were delicate wonders.

We ate them while we watched the Bellagio fountains from our room.
vegas 220


  1. this is what i love about vegas - everything is pretty!

  2. Nice view! Those macarons look like little pillows of perfection. Great pics!

  3. We thought the hotel was nice, but we were kind of underwhelmed. :/

  4. Wow, swoon at the Amore treats!
    I love the Mandarin Oriental in Miami as well, very chic.

  5. oh, man. those macarons are beautiful.

  6. I've only stayed at the Mandarin Oriental in Munich and I remember it being super luxurious as well...didn't see a cushioned bench in the elevator though...

  7. seriously your pictures are always amazing and make me want to pack up and leave right this second, haha.

  8. pretty neat lookin ice cream machine!

  9. Was just talking about this hotel last night, and Drago Centro's sommelier was saying how Twist's dining room is much too narrow, and the entire hotel is far below occupancy expectations... too much Dubai $ apparently?

  10. Wow you guys always somehow get the best hotel rooms!
    Bellagio fountain view from your room? Nice one.
    No Twist on this trip?

  11. I love Mandarins. Can't wait to check this one out.

  12. Gorrrgeous photos. Seriously.

  13. love that CH dress! and mmm macarons...


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