Friday, April 16, 2010

A-MUSE-ing miX

miX sits atop THEhotel. If you haven't been, you absolutely must go sample Chef Alain Ducasse's brainchild. Las Vegas is a lot closer than Paris after all.
mix 041
mix 002
mix 001
mix 019
I really liked the design. Stunning.

You'd think that a restaurant that provides a pad of paper and pencil would be quite food-blogger-friendly.
mix 003
But, despite its stark white interior, miX is sort of horrific for food photography because of its dreadfully dim lighting. Boo hoo for me.

Assorted complimentary bread.
mix 004
See that brown square closest to you? That's some awesome house-made peanut butter. Swell stuff.

Japanese sea bream sashimi, corn emulsion, and popcorn ($18).
mix 006
This wasn't my favorite, but it was an interesting effort. I'm not sure I've ever had sea bream before. It was a little on the chewy side. I did enjoy the dots of corn emulsion.

Tender potato gnocchi, pumpkin, and crispy bacon ($26).
mix 008
Man, oh, man. Li'l nuggets of heaven on a plate. Like happy dough pillows.

Roasted Maine lobster "au curry," coconut basmati rice ($54).
mix 009
Superfreakingdelicious. YOU MUST GET THIS. YES, I AM SHOUTING. The combination of flavors and textures knocked my socks off. It's not often that you have lobster prepared so creatively. This was my favorite dish of the night.

Beef Rossini ($75).
mix 011
mix 015
Decadent with a capital "D" -- one of the biggest pieces of seared foie gras I've ever seen perched on prime filet mignon swimming in a luxurious black truffle reduction, accompanied by the creamiest, most buttery mashed potatoes ever. Rich, rich, rich, rich. Jealous? You should be. Superb.

miX Dessert Tray ($20).
mix 030
mix 021mix 023
mix 029
mix 024mix 027
Very pretty but not as tasty as I'd hoped. Sad.

Complimentary madeleines and chocolate.
mix 035
mix 037
Now this mignardise was something. Blew our "real" dessert out of the water. Glad we ended with these warm sweet goodies.

I'm definitely visiting miX in the future and doing the tasting menu.

Why didn't we do the tasting this time?

Because of time constraints due to this.
muse 002muse 012
Like our trip last weekend, our December trip to Vegas was planned around Muse. In December, Muse headlined Holiday Havoc '09 at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel. We had to sit through some crappy bands, but even a truncated Muse set is worth that.


Supermassive Black Hole



Time Is Running Out

Knights of Cydonia

Muuuuuuuuuuse. Soooooooooo good. Obsessed.


  1. Yum. So jealous, I adore Muse but have yet to see them in concert!

  2. the only Muse song I know is that one that is playing when the Cullens play baseball in Twilight :-)! the dinner looked fab, the restaurant's design looked fab, and that teeny tiny pot of mashed potatoes looked fab!

  3. mmm I want to try the homemade peanut butter and that lobster dish. All this talk of food in vegas is making me want to go so badly! I love reading your posts and my bf loves that you love the muse and weezer hahaha.

  4. I will definitely be going to this restaurant next stop in Vegas! I have stayed at THEHotel before and was extremely impressed overall. Those pumpkin gnocchi are to die for! I am craving them already.

    Love your Muse postings, thanks!
    Weezer was on Yo Gabba Gabba the other day and I thought of you! If she could only see them now dressed up like bugs!! LOL. Weird?

  5. lobster and foie gras. yum!!! i also love the bubble chandelier!

  6. foie gras and filet - amazing!!

  7. Looks very posh and modern! Seems a little pricey but still really pretty. =) And ditto tam pham on the only Muse song I know. But that shouldn't surprise you.

  8. i've visited the bar up at thehotel...lovely as well. the food looks so good!

  9. So, that restaurant was the setting for the famed "sweetbreads" incident. We keep saying we have to go again as Jim has been there a couple of times without me and said that every other dining experience he has had there was fabulous.

    At a family house party over the summer, the DJ was playing Time is Running Out and I was singing along. My BIL, totally drunk, comes over and starts singing with me. Song finishes and he is completely impressed that a) I know who Muse is and b) can actually follow along with the words. It was a rare bonding moment that poor Jim just didn't get. Heh. ;)

    Lastly, on a completely unrelated note, in weights class this weekend, one of the new tracks was to Weezer. Girl, you know I totally thought of you and smiled to myself.

  10. Muse is the best time constraint, ever. Matt Bellamy can cut my dinner short anytime.

    ::sighs dreamily::

    Confession: I only recently discovered that Muse had a song in the Twilight movie. I enjoyed the book, but I couldn't sit through the movie & never finished watching it, lol.

    That lobster dish looks amazing, and I love the decor in that place. Wow!

  11. I love those glass balls hanging from the ceiling. I need some of those for my house.

  12. I've been to the lounge side of Mix but not the restaurant. We had to walk by the restaurant to get to the lounge, and I remember love love loving the decor.

  13. I would kill to have some of that gnocchi and some of the lobster right now. Wow.


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