Monday, July 12, 2010

All-Star Sunday 2010

Mr. Monkey has tickets to all of the 2010 All-Star festivities.
all star 001
I accompanied him on Sunday. He went to the Home Run Derby Monday night and will be going to the All-Star Game Tuesday night with his buddy Mr. Denver.

Of course, I was excited about the Culinary All-Star Competition.
all star 009all star 016
all star 022all star 021
all star 020
all star 014
all star 079all star 081
My fave guy was Chef Richard Montini because, when we asked him to be a pirate, he actually shouted, "ARRRRR!" Can you see his enthusiasm above?

Some of the contenders...

Colorado Rockies: Chicken burrito, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole.
all star 032

New York Mets: Twisted sausage and pepper sandwich, spicy chipotle mayonnaise.
all star 035

Atlanta Braves: Smoked BBQ pulled pork, jalapeño corn muffin, caramelized onions, cabbage slaw.
all star 040

Pittsburgh Pirates: Pastrami sandwich, tomatoes, vodka slaw dressing.
all star 049

Philadelphia Phillies: Summer hot dog, pickled red onions, salsa, chipotles mayonnaise, cucumbers.
all star 045

Boston Red Sox: Lobster roll on grilled bun.
all star 059

Anaheim Angels: Halo Dog with bacon, jack cheese, charro beans, Anaheim peppers.
all star 062

Toronto Blue Jays: Canadian whiskey-smoked BBQ ribs.
all star 064

Kansas City Royals: Kansas City Stack -- seasoned rib-eye, cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, onion rings, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickle.
all star 068

Baltimore Orioles: Crab Dog -- hot dog topped with creamed crab, shredded cheese, cherry pepper slices.
all star 071

Oakland Athletics: Jalapeño jack sausage atop mac 'n' cheese with green ketchup.
all star 078

Oh, yeah, there was sort of a game, too.
all star 156
all star 138
all star 154
all star 159all star 175
all star 173all star 180
Retired players and celebrities comprised the teams. Various mascots roamed around

Jennie Finch
all star 087
She not only pitched, but she hit a home run -- the first ever by a woman at this event!

Bo Jackson
all star 189
Bo still knows baseball. He knocked it out of the park.

Andy Richter
all star 194
Lots of people chanted, "Team Coco!"

Jon Hamm and James Denton
all star 206
Handsome Mad Man and Desperate Househusband on second base.

Mario Lopez
all star 218
Did A.C. Slater letter in baseball? Go, Bayside!

Marisa Miller
all star 247
All male eyes were on this supermodel and Victoria's Secret hottie.

MC Hammer
all star 269
This former A's bat boy was 2 Legit 2 Quit when he hit a home run. U can't touch this!

A little homage to our friend Mr. Cruiser's brother -- he plays Alcide on True Blood.
all star 254
all star 256
all star 224
all star 225
all star 228
Mr. Cruiser's brother is better at playing a werewolf on TV than he is at softball. But, really, there's no shame when the guy at first base is Mike Piazza.

all star 277all star 317
all star 319
Fun outing! Jealous that Mr. Monkey is experiencing the real All-Star events, too!


  1. I can imagine what a hit all these hot dogs would be in Chile - people put all kinds of crazy stuff on hot dogs here. Not sure if you saw or even tried an "italiano," but that's one of the most typical combos and is a hot dog with avocado, tomato and mayo (green, red and white like the Italian flag).

  2. I think I had a heart attack looking at all the yummy eats. Your pics are great. It's like you were on the field with them!

  3. Mr. Bumblebee wanted to attend this events so bad but we've had plans all weekend/week. Glad you guys enjoyed it!

  4. how fun!!! great photos (as always!) i'm especially loving the fireworks shots. which foods did you taste? what was your favorite?

  5. looks like fun! and your mc hammer comment made me l.o.l. :)

  6. Oh man I wish I knew about the All Star Culinary Event. Everything looks so good and I'm sad I miss Pittsburgh's pastrami sandwich!

  7. btw, i'm DYING over your a.c. slater comment. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAA!

  8. for a second there, jennie finch looked like kendra from girls next door! ha!

  9. The culinary competition is so fun!

  10. this looks like so much fun! i had no idea about the food cook off, everything looks delicious.

    also, love your celeb shots (obviously) and james denton makes me swoon and go jennie with a homerun, that is awesome.

  11. I love how much more awesome your food recaps are than mine. haha!

  12. How cool is that that he's your friend's brother? I like him on "How I Met Your Mother." :)

  13. OMG! looks like an amazing event... made me drool, as always!!!

  14. Question: Were you able to eat all that food?

  15. i am so jealous!! the food looks soooooo delicious..
    and i have to agree with amy.. i thought jennie finch was kendra and had to do a double take! lol

  16. I would enjoy sporting events much more if they all had the culinary deliciousness that this game did.

  17. Best sporting event ever!! I hate sports and I would have loved that. The only thing that would have made it even better was if there were wild animals like tigers and chimps on the field.

  18. Some of those celeb baseball dudes look anorexic.

  19. I always say, I only go to baseball games for the food. Gawwwwd, I wish I could have been at this one! My vote for most appetizing goes to Atlanta Braves...mmm!

  20. eventhough it might not be the most convenient game food, I'm gonna have to go with the ribs.. although that lobster roll looks delicious, not mayo-y and that toasted bread looks really good

  21. Those were some of the craziest American BBQ foods I've ever seen! Looked all amazing, wish the stomach were big enough to eat them all in one day!

  22. wow, the lobster roll!! i never thought i'd drool over stadium food!


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