Friday, July 30, 2010

The Lucky Camera Strap Recipient Is...

Congratulations to Feminist Gold Digger (who is always entertaining but not always safe to read at work)! You will be the proud owner of a new camera strap very soon!

Thank you to everyone who commented and tweeted!


  1. OMG this is so freakin funny. Actually, congrats to Mr. FGD because he always bitches about how my current camera strap is a "chic" strap and he hates borrowing my camera. Tee hee.

    Thank you WM!

  2. Congratulations Feminist Gold Digger! Enjoy your cute new camera strap! :D

    Thank you to you, WeezerMonkey & everyone else who participated and helped spread the word about Phototasting!

  3. damn, FGD. first verona, now the monkey?

    you need to enter every freaking blog giveaway known to man.

  4. Ha! I saw a thumbnail of this graphic / picture on Flickr, and at a first glance I read "NER!" as "NERD" and saw FGD's picture below it.


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