Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Langer's Love Lives On

I've been to Langer's too many times to count since my first mind-boggling bite in 2000, but it occurred to me this weekend that I'd never brought my real camera there.
langers 056
langers 007
langers 052
The deli at 7th and Alvarado has been dishing out its world-famous pastrami longer than my mother has been alive. The decor retains a mid-century feel.

Everybody raves about #19. I'm not everybody. I always get #10 (proof here, here, and here). I hate #19. The cole slaw ruins the sandwich -- makes it too big and gets it soggy.
langers 001
But #10 is a masterpiece.

On this day, I ordered my masterpiece straight off the menu, so I could enjoy the fresh rye bread -- wonderfully soft yet hefty enough to support a mountain of meat.
langers 031
Beautiful, no?

More often than not, however, I get the #10 grilled with Russian dressing on the side, which is what Mr. Monkey did for this lunch. Yes, grilled!
langers 011langers 024
If you've never had a Langer's sandwich grilled, go remedy this travesty immediately.

The golden sandwich glistens. Spread your own dressing, so the bread keeps its crunch.
langers 028
This photo says it all. MELTED CHEESE! No grill! No melt!

If you need even more cheese, nosh on some chili cheese fries.
langers 014
The cheese is freshly shredded and melts into the best gooey mess very quickly.

Treat yourself to a root beer float.
langers 019
Pretend you're at soda shop. You won't have to pretend hard.

Don't leave without a slice of apple pie with hot brandy sauce a la mode.
langers 046
Hot. Cold. Flaky. Creamy. Sweet. It's got it all.

Langer's in a word? Classic.


  1. It's now on my list of things to do. That looks amazing!

  2. i really shouldn't read your blog at 10:38 at night. i am sooooooooooooo hungry right now. it's the melted cheese that's killing me.

  3. I was at Langer's a few months ago and witnessed four customers with huge cameras snapping away. I never saw so many pastrami paparazzi before! Gotta go back and try my sandwich grilled. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Whoa baby, you make me want to eat a Pastrami sammie (which I've never had). Love the photos (especially the old school soda spouts). And, uhm hot brandy apple pie, where have I been all this time?

  5. i loooove #10!!! i haven't been there in a longgg time and now your post got me feening!

  6. I actually started to cry a little when I saw the grilled cheesiness. Sniffle.

  7. Whaaa? Do you prefer the #10 or do you legitimately HATE the #19? :(

  8. I hate #19. Cole slaw ruins everything.

  9. I so need to go back there. Maybe this weekend.

  10. HELLS YES #10 FOR THE TRADITIONALISTS. Sorry for the caps. My order is in between yours and Mr. Monkey's, $10, Russian on the side. not grilled. Toasted rye breaks the skin in my mouth. I'm such a wuss.

  11. Its weird, I haven't seen fries like these in a while (the ore-ida looking ones). mmm. fries are good, but chilli fries are great

  12. I've never had pastrami before. After seeing this post, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?"

  13. It's been a years since I've been to Langer's and your photos are making me want to make a return trip soon. :)

  14. Hi weezermonkey,

    LOVE Langer's! (^_^) Thanks for making me hungry; I need to go back again (and again). :)

  15. yay for real camera at langer's! i still need to take the bear there.

  16. Yummy. Jim and I have both been separately, but never together. Me thinks I should remedy that.

  17. I have never been to Langer's, despite living in it's general vicinity for the last 15 years AND being married to a deli loving Jew. Maybe this weekend...

  18. You make these look so scrumptious. Love!

  19. Oh, droooool! Sadly, Langer and me have yet to meet. I want to meet the meat ASAP.

  20. I fucking love pastrami. That looks amazing, grilled or not.


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