Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mouthwatering Morning and Macarons

On our last day, Ms. Vegas and her two tykes met us at our hotel for breakfast.
vegas 001
vegas 002
vegas 043vegas 047
vegas 005vegas 004
vegas 011
Payard was great for our morning meal. Everything we had was totally yummy, so I won't labor over specifics.

Classic croque monsieur, ham, B├ęchamel, swiss cheese ($16).
vegas 021

Ham and cheese quiche, baked tomato ($15).
vegas 025

Classic croque madame, sunny-side-up egg, ham, B├ęchamel, swiss cheese ($17).
vegas 020

Side of bacon ($5).
vegas 026

Vanilla waffle, fresh berries, whipped cream ($14).
vegas 019

The restaurant has a large section devoted to sweets and pastries.
vegas 045vegas 050
vegas 042
Hello, gelato!

Our visit wouldn't have been complete without macarons.
vegas 052
Yes, totally yummy, just like everything else!

Children don't dig me, but they sure love Mr. Monkey.
vegas 031
vegas 013
vegas 030
vegas 038
Enjoyable place for a casual Vegas breakfast, even with little ones.

Next: Surveying this season's Top Chef headquarters.


  1. The last photo just melted my heart. How adorable is Mr. Monkey and those two kids!

  2. Grow women love that small children love Mr. Monkey. Why the heck is that? I think it's our biological clocks ticking ;-)

  3. MY CHILD seemed to love you yesterday. She gave ya big smiles and lots o' claps!

  4. That waffle was an architectural work of art. :) Also, maybe if you bribed the kids with macaroons, they'd hang on to you more. :-D

  5. You are always tempting me with macarons...and kids!

  6. Awww. The kids do love Mr. Monkey. You guys always go to the best brunch places.

  7. thank goodness you found macarons before you started going through withdrawal. I heard it's an ugly process.

  8. Damn, wish I had read this sooner.. like on Friday.


  9. cute pics. and i don't just mean of the grilled sammies. hehe.

  10. I can't even stand how much I love croque monsieur and how many people I'd run over right now to get to one that looked like that.

  11. fun presentation with the waffle!

    and don't lie, I've seen pics of you with kids. the kids are smiling, no less.

  12. My daughter has those Disney Princess dolls and they haunt me. Their tiny outfits and even tinier shoes are maddening.

    I love the last picture with Mr. Monkey. So sweet!

    The food pics were great too. I LOVE breakfast.

  13. I'm totally putting this place down on the bachelerette eating itinerary!

  14. Your husband looks like he'd make a great dad. I modeled any aspects of my own wedding after yours and if you ever go the baby route, I'd be thrilled to see what your shower looks like. ;)

  15. I have no idea what Classic croque monsieur is without googling it. Great looking food (duh!). And super cute photo of Mr. Mo and the kiddos.


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