Saturday, July 19, 2008

Free XLB = Happy Me

I met my father, Brother Monkey, and Torry for dinner last night at Shanghai Restaurant (140 W. Valley Blvd., San Gabriel). Mr. Monkey was in Palm Springs.
shanghai 036
shanghai 029
shanghai 028
Unlike the lunch I had earlier in the day, there was little to nothing organic about this meal, but it was authentic and good. There are deals to be had, too. Non-Chinese readers, here's a tip: if you buy three entrees on a weekday, you get eight xiao long bao for free!
shanghai 035
Now isn't that a far more useful tip than being careful with hot food? Gotta love secret info that is only available to the Chinese literate! (I can't take full credit. All I could read myself was "Shanghai xiao long bao" and "Monday through Friday." Hooray for Papa Monkey for filling in the details!)

Sauteed ong choy ($7.95) is my favorite vegetable, as many of you know.
shanghai 037
The smoked duck ($10.95) was very...smoky. Good, but I prefer my duck thinly sliced, bone-free, and ready to be enveloped in a fluffy little pancake.
shanghai 041
The mapo tofu impressed everybody. Spicy!
shanghai 039
We liked the pan-fried sea bass, too.
shanghai 040
The Wu Xi pork spare ribs ($8.95) were the weakest dish of the night. Too sweet. Too red.
shanghai 038
And here are our free xiao long bao (usually $5.95). Juicy little pockets of joy.
shanghai 042
After dinner, we hit Nubi Yogurt and Tea Station for sweet treats. Nubi is like Yogurtland. You weigh and pay. My tart yogurt with strawberries and mochi only cost $2.55.
nubi 044
nubi 045
Torry and I got yogurt. Papa Monkey and Brother Monkey got boba. Everybody got happy.


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