Monday, December 26, 2011

East Meets West: China Poblano

Chef Jose Andres marries Chinese with Mexican at China Poblano at The Cosmopolitan.
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Aguas frescas are $4.88 each. Highway robbery! The steep prices for seemingly simple food are a recurrent theme at China Poblano. Thankfully, the food is fairly tasty, so the sting is somewhat lessened.

Fresh tortilla chips and housemade chipotle salsa ($4).
china poblano 014

Fresh tortillas and guacamole ($15).
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Tacos (one per order) (yes, just one -- WTF):
(1) Pescado Frito: fried fish, salsa Mexicana ($5.50).
(2) Viva China: beef tendon, Kumamoto oyster, scallions, Sichuan peppercorn sauce ($5.50).
(3) Pancita al Pastor: slow-cooked pork belly, pineapple ($5.50).
(4) Lengua: beef tongue, salsa pasilla ($4).
(5) Cochinita: Yucatan-style barbecued pork, marinated onions ($4.50).
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china poblano 031china poblano 033
china poblano 037china poblano 039

Lamb Potstickers Stuck on You, vegetables, crispy lace ($11.88).
china poblano 034

Rou Jia Mo Street Sandwich, red braised pork. ($8.88)
china poblano 040
china poblano 047

Shrimp Mojo -- shrimp, sweet black garlic, roasted poblano peppers ($16).
china poblano 044

Like Water for Chocolate -- fried quail, dragon fruit, rose petals, chestnut, dragon fruit sauce ($15).
china poblano 050

The Unruly Monk -- hand-cut noodles, wild wood ear mushrooms, poached egg, spicy sauce ($16.88).
china poblano 052
My favorites were the potstickers, street sandwich, and fried quail. Skip the noodles. I recommend coming with a group, so you can get a bunch of things to share. The food won't totally wow you, but you'll have a good time at China Poblano.


  1. I think the decor here appeals to me more than the food! The space is GORG!

  2. this place would make bear angry. lol. for various reasons.

  3. I feel like there are enough fabulous restaurants to not waste time at one that doesn't wow.

  4. I'm qith Gastronomer - I think Andres slightly missed his calling. All his spaces are so interesting and gorgeous and strange.

  5. When I went to Vegas in July, Chad wanted to go to this place ("There's food we'll both eat!!") but I flat out refused. Afterwards, I found out it was Jose Andres' restaurant, which makes it A LITTLE bit better ... but I'm still skeptical. The prices!!!

  6. Although it's a Jose Andres restaurant, I'm not exactly sure what he added to the restaurant outside of higher prices.

    Regardless I enjoyed my one meal there too, but it's on the pricey side.

  7. the guac looks delish. okay, everything does. But 5 dollars for a taco is damned expensive.

  8. i almost went there. instead i went to holsteins. looks good though..

  9. I'm a big Jose Andres fan, but I dunno about this one. I guess it's because Asian and Mexican food can be found for cheap, so I'd feel ripped off spending $5 for one little taco, even though I spend that much for his sushi tacos at Bazaar. Ha!

    BTW, I think it's hilarious that my verification word is "phowooff." :P

  10. wowee! pricey, indeed.

    ditto tater's comment, but replace "bear" with "the hub." heh.

  11. Hmm. I am going there tonight. I'll skip the noodles!


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